MVP 6 years ago facing the cold reality, “Even finding a team is not easy…

It’s not easy even to find a new team.”

Reporter Shams Karania of The Athletic, who boasts top public confidence in the NBA, appeared on the local broadcast fandual TV on the 16th (Korean time) and told Russell Westbrook ( Utah) reported on the current state.

Westbrook is the player who won the 2017 regular league MVP. He has been selected as an All-Star nine times and has also been selected to the All-NBA First Team once. He used to be a top-notch guard, but recently he has been facing a huge decline in momentum, and at the same time, the problem of team chemistry was pointed out and turned into a nuisance. 스포츠토토

Westbrook was traded at the trade deadline from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Utah Jazz, and Utah doesn’t have him on the field. He was in the highest position just six years ago, but now he is in a position where it is difficult to even get playing time.

Even more grim is that Westbrook may have a hard time finding a new club in the league. Reporter Karania said, “Currently, no team showing interest in Westbrook has appeared.”

He said, “There are reports that the Los Angeles Clippers are interested. There are definitely players in the league who like Westbrook. Clippers players are a prime example. But based on my research, the Clippers aren’t showing interest in Westbrook. Lawrence Frank wants shooting and defense reinforcement, and it’s hard to see Westbrook match that.”

Reporter Karania was calm. “There is no room for Westbrook in the league. We have to decide whether to buy out before March 1, but if there was a team that wanted him, the Jazz club would have allowed the buyout,” he said. “We have to wait and see if we can find a new team.”

This is the cold reality that Westbrook faces. Currently, it is not a position to count the playing time. Returning to the league itself is difficult. I wonder if a team will show up to reach out to him.

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