Mourinho furious over Son Heung-min sending-off, swears at referee Taylor as they reunite in Europa League final

AS Roma manager Mourinho has lashed out at referee Taylor for officiating the UEFA Europa League final.

AS Roma played Sevilla in the UEFA Europa League final of the 2022-23 season at the Puskás Arena in Budapest, Hungary, on Monday (June 1). Mourinho’s side lost on penalties after a 1-1 draw in extra time, and were unable to win the tournament.

Mourinho received a warning from referee Taylor during the match. Players from both sides received 14 cautions in the match, making it the most cautions in a single game in Europa League history.

After the game, Mourinho said, “It’s hard to believe that a referee like that was in charge of the Europa League final against Sevilla. “It’s hard to believe that a referee like that is in charge of a Euroleague final. There were a lot of problems and a lot of decisions that were difficult to understand. Mourinho was later filmed swearing at referee Taylor in the stadium parking lot.

The UK’s Mirror reported on Mourinho’s history with Taylor on Feb. 2. Mourinho was sent off by Taylor during a Premier League home game against Cardiff in October 2013 when he was Chelsea manager, after protesting the opposition’s delayed play. Mourinho was later fined in 2016 when he was in charge of Manchester United for giving an interview in which he expressed his displeasure with Taylor’s assignment at Liverpool. Mourinho, who has had numerous run-ins with Taylor in the Premier League, has also been fined several times for his bad blood with Taylor.

In particular, the Spurs boss criticized Taylor for sending off Son Heung-min against Chelsea in December 2019. At the time, Son was shown a red card after a collision with Rüdiger. Mourinho said, “Son’s sending off was a wrong decision. The referee should have given Rudiger a warning,” Mourinho said, “He was not aggressive. Did Rudiger go to the hospital with broken ribs?” he asked.메이저놀이터

Taylor’s officiating was also controversial at the Qatar World Cup against South Korea. South Korea faced Ghana in the second round of the group stage at last year’s World Cup in Qatar, and after a South Korean corner kick in second-half stoppage time, Taylor waved it off. Bento, the national team’s coach at the time, was shown a red card and sent off for violently protesting Taylor.

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