MLB of transformation, deformed model of shift prohibition also appear

 Major League’s 2023 season will be remembered as a revolutionary year for rule revision. It is considered the biggest change since the introduction of the designated hitter, which was first implemented in 1973.

Groundbreaking rules for fans have been revised, such as speeding up the pitching time limit, no shift, and expanding the base. MLB has already implemented this in the minor leagues since last year and is encouraging players to make a soft landing through demonstration games this year. The overall reaction revealed by the demonstration game until the 7th is welcome.

The notable phenomena that have emerged from rule revisions so far are as follows. frequent balks Balks were pointed out 10 times in the demonstration game. This is the result of not being accustomed to pitching within 20 seconds when there is a runner on base. In the entire demonstration game last year, balks appeared 10 times.

On the 3rd, in the Grapefruit League Pittsburgh Pirates-New York Yankees match, the fastest strikeout in MLB history was produced. Yankees bullpen lefty Wendy Peralta struck out Pittsburgh infielder Tucoffita Macano on three pitches in just 20 seconds. If it had been before, it would have been time to throw one ball. It is the fastest strikeout in MLB history.

The exhibition game time was reduced by 22 minutes compared to last year. At this time last year, the demonstration game took three hours. This year it has been reduced to 2 hours 38 minutes. In the first 95 games, he broke the 15-second (runner) and 20-second rule 155 times. 1.63 times per game. 111 pitchers and 38 batters. However, as the game continues, the number of violations against the rules is decreasing. 69 times in 35 games in the first half (1.97 per game), 44 times in 30 games after that (1.47), and 42 times in 30 games after that (1.4).

In the meantime, the biggest reason why baseball has been neglected by young fans was that ‘the game is boring’. The reality was that it was far from the speedy and thrilling fan appeal of other sports such as the NBA and NFL. From the 2023 season, the game speedup is expected to be firmly established.

The increase in stolen bases due to the expansion of the bases is not yet clear. It seems that we will be able to find out whether it will increase after entering the regular season. 안전놀이터

The shift ban appeared to be an advantage for left-handed hitters such as Matt Olson (Atlanta Braves) and Corey Seager (Texas Rangers) who were extremely pulling. Like last year, the ball that would have been out if it was shifted became normal defense, leading to a hit.

However, a modified shift appeared and attracted attention by digging into the loophole of the shift ban. Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora made an outfield shift for Minnesota Twins lefty hitter Joey Gallo.

MLB’s ‘Defensive Shift Limits’ rule is as follows. When the pitcher is stepping on the rubber plate, there should be four infielders. Infielders cannot change positions. If the infielders are not properly aligned during pitching, the offensive team can automatically get the ball or get the result of the play. This rule does not prohibit teams from placing outfielders on infield or shallow outfield grass under certain circumstances.

The shift ban is limited to infielders. Coach Cora set the left fielder on the grass in front of the right fielder as left-hander Gallo, who was recruited as a free agent this year, entered the batter’s box against the Twins on the 4th. Gallo is an extremely pulling hitter. This is the first modified shift that came out in this demonstration game. Coach Cora’s attempt banned the infielder’s shift, but there is a possibility of an outfield shift leaving one side empty.

Cora, 47, from Puerto Rico, was responsible for the 2017 Houston Astros sign stealing. He is a witty manager who returned to Boston after receiving a one-year suspension.

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