MLB Miami Lusardo Wins Over Salary Board Club

Left-hander Jesús Lusardo, who plays for the Major League (MLB) Miami Marlins, became the second player to win against the club in the MLB salary adjustment held in the offseason., the official homepage of Major League Baseball, reported the results of the hearing of the MLB Salary Adjustment Committee (hereafter referred to as the Adjustment Committee) held on the 4th (Korean time).

The mediation committee sided with Lusardo, who requested 2.45 million dollars (approximately 3.06 billion won) on behalf of the club, which offered an annual salary of 2.1 million dollars (approximately 2.62 billion won). According to ‘Yonhap News’, three panels come out from the mediation committee to listen to the opinions of the club and the players, and then accept one opinion with a majority vote to decide the salary.

The reason why the mediation committee is attracting attention is Choi Ji-man (Pittsburgh Pirates). Choi Ji-man is asking for an annual salary of 5.4 million dollars (about 6.75 billion won) for the 2023 season, but the Pittsburgh club offers 4.65 million dollars (about 5.81 billion won), which is a big difference. 먹튀검증

The mediation committee is expected to make a decision on Choi Ji-man and the Pittsburgh club at the end of this month. There have been three cases of salary adjustment so far in the offseason, and the adjustment committee judged that the demand for players was reasonable twice, including Lusardo.

Prior to Lusardo, Luis Arraes (infielder), who was also a teammate, became the first case to win in salary adjustment. Araes won the American League batting title with the Minnesota Twins last year and moved to Miami through a trade during the offseason.

Araes requested an annual salary of 6.1 million dollars (approximately 7.5 billion won), and the Miami club offered 5 million dollars (approximately 6.12 billion won).

Rusardo is the first major leaguer from Peru. He was selected by the Washington Nationals in the 2016 draft with the 94th overall pick in the 3rd round of 2016 and made his MLB debut in the 2019 Oakland Athletics uniform.

Lusardo moved to Miami in 2021. He appeared in 18 games last year and made all starts. He went 4-7 with an earned run average of 3.32 in 100.1 innings. So far, his personal MLB record has been in 61 games (45 starts), 266.2 innings, 13 wins, 18 losses, 2 saves, 3 holds, and an average ERA of 4.59.

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