Mallorca “Lee Kang-in’s transfer fee is at least 20 billion won, I will sell it when I get an official offer”

Mallorca is willing to hand over an appropriate offer to Lee Kang-in (21). She has set a transfer fee and is waiting for an official offer. According to local reports, the Premier League team is showing a lot of interest in Lee Kang-in.

On the 9th (Korean time), the Spanish media ‘Lerevo’ said, “Mallorca has set the transfer fee for Lee Kang-in at 15 million euros (approximately 20 billion won) including options. Mallorca is waiting for an official offer from another team.”

Lee Kang-in left Valencia, where he had been together since his youth in 2021, and wore a Mallorca uniform. He had an early start at Mallorca, but had some ups and downs after contracting the novel coronavirus. In the second half of the 2021-22 season, he spent a lot of time on the bench, rarely getting a chance.

He came into the 2022-23 season and made up for his shortcomings perfectly. He clearly received the attention of coach Javier Aguirre and leaped into the perfect starting position. He also boarded the ‘2022 International Football Federation (FIFA) World Cup in Qatar’ and showed off his sharp left-footed ability on the global stage. 토토

Even after returning to the World Cup, he was invincible. After the winter break, he played in the lower leagues and the Copa del Rey (Royal’s Cup). The core of Mallorca was overlapping with the World Cup, and from winter onwards, it was intertwined with the Premier League.

Mallorca has set a minimum transfer fee of 15 million euros, and if a suitable offer comes, there is room for Lee Kang-in to be sold. According to ‘Lerevo’, Aston Villa are aggressive, but they definitely don’t want Lee Kang-in yet.

Other teams are also interested in Lee Kang-in. Spain’s Marca announced, “The possibility of Lee Kang-in leaving Mallorca has increased. Newcastle United, Burnley, and Feyenoord are willing to set up a negotiation table for Lee Kang-in.”

Lee Kang-in is a key player in Mallorca, so there is no reason to be in a hurry. Even if he wants to leave Mallorca for a new challenge, he will most likely negotiate with the most active team. Mallorca is also trying to talk to the team who will offer reasonable conditions for the transfer fee of 15 million euros.

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