Major leaguer Kim Ha-sung’s 3 home runs, the reason why there is no inspiration

Major leaguer Kim Ha-sung’s 3 home runs without a single hit, how should we view it?

Korea’s World Baseball Classic (WBC) journey ended early. Korea won a cold game 22-2 in the final game of Group B against China held at the Tokyo Dome on the 13th.

The match against China was meaningless to Korea, who had already won the match against Australia and the Czech Republic in the afternoon, and Korea was unable to advance to the quarterfinals. The Korean batters met the Chinese pitchers under one stroke and put on a bat show as if to vent their anger at being eliminated.스포츠토토

One of the most anticipated players in this tournament was Kim Ha-seong. He played one season as the main shortstop for San Diego in the major leagues and showed several upgraded skills. Since he was originally in Kiwoom, he has been in the limelight as a shortstop with long hitting power. Since he showed his presence in the major leagues, many believed that he would play a key role in the offense and defense of this tournament.

But were my expectations too high? It was a no-hit game against Australia and Japan, which were important. He hit two home runs in the match against the Czech Republic, which was already in the mood for elimination, and hit a grand total to make the 22nd run in the last match against China. However, the nutritional value was zero. He went 3-for-16 with no singles in 4 games and hit only 3 home runs. He batted 1.8 8.

Kim Ha-seong must have grown into a true major leaguer and wanted to show something in a big tournament. Of course, Kim Ha-seong cannot take all the balls. It’s not just that Kim Ha-sung didn’t get many hits.

The problem was that the swing was too big from the first match against Australia. He was hitless in 4 at-bats, with 3 fly outs. It was clear that he was conscious of the long hit. If Ha-seong Kim was the 4th hitter, he took on an important role as a table setter along with Tommy Edman in this tournament. I had to create a chance. However, perhaps because of his pride as a major leaguer, he was consistent with a full swing every at-bat.

In the game against Japan, where pitching was good, the ball did not even float. He only survived once, with a ground ball out in the first at-bat and an error by the third baseman in the second at-bat. To make matters worse, even Edmon didn’t feel good at hitting. As the table setter lost consciousness, Korea had no choice but to suffer a series of shocking losses in the two most important games.

When he met a relatively easy Czech pitcher, it was like getting two batted balls. But the car had already left. Not many people saw the home run against China, in which he played as the fourth hitter, and thought, ‘Wow, that’s great because it’s a major leaguer’. Before this home run, he had hit only three flies.

Of course, baseball is a team sport, but it is a sport that can produce good results if all individuals do well. Still, when we fulfill each other’s roles faithfully, there is a perfect synergy effect. He hit the most three homers, but this is why Kim Ha-sung’s WBC is disappointing.

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