Lloris explained the ‘ridiculous own goal’ “I can’t do it even if I want to do it as part of it”

Hugo Lloris, who has been criticized for his erroneous play recently, opened his mouth.

Lloris is Tottenham’s main goalkeeper. He is continuing his steady skills to the extent that he is spending a whopping 10th season if we add up to this season. He has kept the Tottenham goal for more than 430 games so far. However, Lloris is also in his mid-30s. Despite his special position as a goalkeeper, he is at an age where it would not be strange if his performance declined anytime.

Although he protects the Tottenham goal by showing saves every time, Lloris’ only drawback is his mistakes. The stable Lloris sometimes makes mistakes and puts the team in crisis. Still, the frequency of those mistakes has been low, so I’ve been able to keep Tottenham’s main goalkeeper so far.

But this season is different. The frequency of errors has increased dramatically. According to football statistics media ‘Opta’, Lloris made four mistakes that led to goals this season. In his last North London derby against Arsenal, he failed to block Bukayo Saka’s cross, and scored an own goal through his own chest. In the previous game against Manchester City, he conceded four runs in the second half alone.

Yoris was embarrassed. He explained the scene of his own goal against Arsenal in an interview with the British ‘Evening Standard’. “If you look at Arsenal’s goal scene, you can be in a good position. But the ball hits the chest and spins into the goal. Even if you want to do it on purpose, you can’t. If you look at Manchester City’s third goal, the ball goes over the knee,” he replied. .

Still, he shouted for mental unification as he insisted. “Anytime you try to anticipate, you just set it up and wait. There’s a lot of that happening on our team. This is a time where we have to stick together, we have to keep trying, we have to get our luck back,” Lloris said. 헤라카지노

Meanwhile, Tottenham are looking for a replacement as Lloris’ form has fallen. So far, Brentford’s David Raya, Everton’s Jordan Pickford and Atlético Madrid’s Jan Oblak have been mentioned as candidates. I won’t reinforce it right away in this winter transfer market, but I plan to replace Lloris in the summer transfer market.

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