‘Life Reversal’ Kelly “Friends, let’s meet in America”

Pitcher Merrill Kelly, who has made a ‘life reversal’ by succeeding in the KBO League and the Major League, has been selected for the World Baseball Classic USA team.

Reporter Yoo Byung-min met in Arizona.


A familiar pitcher appears in the joint training between Arizona and Kiwoom.

This is Kelly, who has been active in SSG’s predecessor SK for four years since 2015.

He overpowered Kiwoom’s lineup with a fastball of up to 149 km/h, came down the mound, and bowed his head toward the Korean referees in Korean style.

[Merrill Kelly/Arizona Pitcher: Meeting the Korean team brought back memories of playing in Korea.]

Based on his success in Korea, Kelly joined Arizona in 2019 and achieved his dream of entering the big leagues for the first time in his life.

Since then, he has become a permanent starter for the team, and in particular, last year, he won 13 wins and was reborn as an ace, and was also selected for the WBC U.S. national team.

I greeted the SBS reporters in Korean, 토토사이트

[Meryl Kelly/Arizona Pitcher: Hello!]

He said that he would never forget the memories of Korea for the rest of his life.

[Merrill Kelly/Arizona Pitcher: Thank you for taking good care of me and my family. Her current success is due to her experience playing in the KBO.]

Both the US and Korea hoped to reach the semifinals and meet in Miami, USA where the final round will be held.

[Merrill Kelly/Arizona Pitcher: I want to meet Eui-ji Yang and Seong-beom Na (I want to meet), I don’t know if I want to deal with (former colleague) Jeong-eun Choi… If we meet, I’ll throw one high toward me in the sense of ‘hello’. Thank you, see you again!]

Based on the experience of Korean baseball, Kelly’s ‘life reversal’ is currently in progress.

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