“Let’s stay in touch for the rest of our lives!”…Doherty’s farewell message to his colleagues

Matt Doherty left a farewell message as he left Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham worked hard to organize wingback resources in the transfer market this winter. Emerson Royale and Matt Doherty, right wingback resources, were performing below expectations, and Jed Spence was also unlikely to get a chance and was likely to be rented.

While searching for wingback resources, Pedro’s captive was spotted on radar. Poro, a 23-year-old right wingback resource of Spanish nationality, is a wingback resource whose skills have been recognized, such as playing for Manchester City via Girona. Although he failed to secure his starting spot in Manchester City, he returned to Sporting, his youth team, and showed his full potential.

Tottenham pushed for a transfer and eventually reached an agreement. But at the end of the transfer window, he faced difficulties. This is because Sporting unilaterally canceled the contract on the 30th. The reason is that Tottenham was reluctant and hesitant to pay the 3 million euros (about 4 billion won) of interest costs required for financing. In the end, Tottenham solved this problem well and succeeded in recruiting a prisoner on the 1st.

Spence was also sent on loan. It was a promising prospect that Tottenham had ambitiously recruited ahead of this season, but manager Antonio Conte did not plan for Spence, and in the end, he did not seize the opportunity to the extent that he only played in the league for around 5 minutes. Eventually, Spence left on loan for the remainder of the season at Stade Rennes.

Following the arrival of POW and the departure of Spence, Doherty left the team as well. However, it was originally to leave for Atletico Madrid on loan, but it shocked me as I left with the termination of the contract. Tottenham said on the official website on the 1st, “We have mutually agreed to terminate the contract so that Matt Doherty can join another club. We appreciate Doherty’s contributions and wish him a bright future.” 스포츠토토

It was because of the lease clause of the International Football Federation (FIFA). FIFA restricts clubs from sending up to eight players over the age of 22 on loan. As a result, Tottenham had already sent eight people on loan, and in order to send Doherty to Atletico Madrid, they had no choice but to terminate the contract.

With this, Doherty organized his Tottenham life, which started in 2020. Doherty, who shone in Wolverhampton under coach Nunu Santo and entered Tottenham based on his performance at the time, was a player who left an impression on fans based on his active mobility. He was also known as a mood maker among players.

Doherty also left a farewell message when leaving Tottenham. On the 2nd, he posted on his SNS, “Thank you for the two and a half years I was at Tottenham. I tried to pour everything here. Every moment I played as a Tottenham player was a great pleasure, and I will continue to keep in touch with the people and players there. I wish you great glory in the future of Tottenham and I wish my friends great success. Thank you.”

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