“Lee Hyo-ri fell from the first floor, I am satisfied”

“What’s your favorite nickname? Let’s see… , I think I’m a little tired of that nickname that the media used to call me. The older sisters playfully called her Eunsil, but personally, I like Hyori Lee who fell from the first floor. Lee Hyori-nim’s fans might be moved to tears when they hear it, but it’s not that we’re completely alike, we just fell off the first floor. Ha ha ha… It’s not burdensome and I think it’s good.”

Among the nicknames that have been called the most in WKBL so far is ‘Beauty Shooter’. It is a modifier that is often attached to shooters who show charm beyond their unique nicknames, such as Yang Ji-young, Han Chae-jin, Park Ha-na, and Lee Yeon-hwa. Among them, many people cite Kim Eun-hye (40‧182cm), a commentator for KBS N SPORTS, as the original player. At the time, the popular word ‘ulzzang’ replaced beauty and was also called ‘ulzzang shooter’, and this genealogy continues with Kim Yeon-ju and Kang Iseul.

Commentator Kim Eun-hye graduated from Soongui Girls’ High School, and she was nominated by Woori Bank as the 3rd overall player in the 2001 WKBL New Player Selection. For 12 years, she played for only one team at Woori Bank, and she played 342 regular league games, scoring 2505 points (453 three-pointers), 1138 rebounds, 301 assists, 220 steals and 136 blocked shots. She didn’t have a so-called monster season, but her strong performance based on stable play was her strength.

As can be seen from the fact that he scored 26 points, including 7 3-point shots, in a game against KB Stars on February 28, 2007, once his fingertips became hot, he exploded outside shots and collected 12 rebounds in 3 games. As much as it was recorded, I actively went out to the dirty work. He won the 2004 Winter League Sixth Woman Award, the 2007 Winter League 3-pointer title (47 total), and won the Free Throw Award (91.3%) in the 2009–10 season.

She is considered to be in her prime between 2005 and 2007. As evidenced by this, she also participated in various competitions such as the World Women’s Basketball Championship in Brazil as a national representative. Although she is an excellent shooter, she actively participates in rebounding and has a style of running tenaciously without sacrificing herself, so her biggest strength was that she is a piece of her that can contribute to the team throughout. But like many of her players, she couldn’t escape injury reefs. After suffering from injuries large and small, she announced her retirement after helping her team win the 2012-13 season.

She said, “No regrets? Of course there was. No matter how hard she worked on the court and burned her passion, she will surely remain regretful when she decides to retire. There is only a slight difference. However, compared to what she showed, she was undeservedly loved by her fans, and she was called by various nicknames and was able to create her own character, so I personally think she is a blessed person. Thanks to the people who looked at her well, she continues to be a commentator. The more she looks back on her basketball career, the more her appreciation grows.”

“Entertainment? It is still a difficult area for me.”

Q. How are you these days?

As many of you know, since I am currently in the middle of the season, I am commentating on women’s basketball on KBS N SPORTS. Since 2013, I have been teaching children at JoongAng Christian Middle School, and that is also in parallel. I am not an elite who is aiming for a career as an athlete. I think it would be right to say that I am in contact with friends who like basketball while sharing the joy of the sport. I teach about twice a week. There were also rare amateur matches, but when the corona exploded, it stopped. Personally, I also gave birth to a child. Still, since childbirth and the corona crisis overlapped at similar times, I wonder if I was able to continue this and that without any special gaps.

Q. Are you still appearing on the entertainment side?
no. These days, sports stars appearing in variety shows seem to be hot content, but in my case, I haven’t appeared after ‘Playing Sister Season 2’. In the case of the older sisters who play, I did filming comfortably because it was mostly female sports players, but I’m not the type to be greedy for appearing on TV. If an offer comes from a good program, I may think about it, but right now I am satisfied with the work I am currently doing. I’m not the humorous type, and there are still many times when I’m afraid to stand in front of others. I do it when I have to, but overall my personality just enjoys being in the spotlight and I can’t do that.

Q. Celebrity blood boils, and you don’t seem to be that type.
that’s right. Because I am very embarrassed myself, I do not have the temperament to lead the atmosphere or intentionally make others explode. There is a limit to the extent to which it is appropriately adjusted from the side. Was it in 2006? I once appeared on a reality program featuring female athletes and male celebrities as a Chuseok special. I had a couple with Hong Rok-gi, a broadcaster, in the scene where we select a partner and carry out missions together. They asked me to act as a cheesy couple, but I really couldn’t do it. I almost cried. I definitely felt it then. ah… , I wasn’t born with talent (laughs)

Q. At the time of ‘Playing Sister’, you worked with various sports stars such as Park Se-ri, Nam Hyun-hee, Han Yu-mi, Kwak Min-jung, and Jeong Yoo-in. What are the characters of the members you have been with?
Seri unni, Hyunhee unnie, Yumi, Minjeongi, and Yooin all appear on the air and are not very different from the real ones. First of all, Seri unnie takes care of me carefully and is trustworthy. Should Hyunhee unni be said to be a silent, silent and strong style? Even in places where she couldn’t be seen, I got the feeling that she was working hard at everything. It’s been about 15 years since I’ve known her personally, her best friend, Yumi. She tends to talk honestly about everything without embellishment and has a little fluff, but I thought that part appealed to the viewers in a good way. Minjeong is really the mood maker! Her reaction was also quite big, and when she first went to the shoot, it felt like she embraced me when I was embarrassed and awkward. I want to say thank you so much for making her feel comfortable. There’s nothing she can’t do. I think she is not afraid of failure in this or that and boldly takes on challenges. She is one of those personalities I really envy. Now that I think about it, it seems like a really good member composition. Teamwork is important in basketball, too, and I think that’s what worked well with my unnie’s team as well.

“I would like to give a commentary based on understanding the situation rather than pointing out

. ”

(Laughs) I also want to say that this is why everyone should go according to their natural inclination or temperament. I do it when I have to, but I guess I don’t want to do it on purpose. Actually, I thought about the interview many times. The series was mostly focused on forgotten people. Or, there are often former and current leaders who have been running or are running in the field until recently. In my case, I’m not famous, but as a commentator, I have a decent face, and most of all, the players need to get attention during the season. Is it right for me to interview? I thought I would like to. In that situation, the reporter told me that the reality is that female players are receiving less attention than male players, and that it is helpful for retired players to talk about women’s basketball in various ways, which gave me courage.

Q. You were really good in the past, but now there are too many women’s basketball legends that you can’t even mention. For example, how much do fans these days know about the name Park Yang-gye, the best point guard of an era?
that’s right. I agree. In the case of teacher Park Yang-gye, he is a game supervisor, so I often see him on the field. I didn’t see him actually play because the times were different, but I heard from many seniors that he was a really good guard. It’s a pity compared to the cases in foreign countries where even players from a long time ago have records. Juniors like me don’t know much about the teacher’s play style or various parts, but fans who didn’t live in that era wouldn’t know. I hope that various records about past legends will be made into data and continue to be mentioned in articles like this.

Q. From the point of view of the commentators, which team do you think will win the women’s professional basketball this season?
I wonder if Woori Bank’s power is too overwhelming, so the possibility of winning seems very high. It’s not just the performance that’s good, but the content of the game is overwhelming. When most teams meet Woori Bank, they often fail to use their strength properly and lose one-sidedly. I wonder if not only me but many other people have the same thoughts.

Q. I wonder what it would be like if there were more teams and good players were dispersed.
I think it’s positive because the more teams there are, the bigger the women’s basketball market will be. But maybe starting with basketball, the pool of prospects is not wide, so I don’t think it will be realistically easy, and first of all, I think there should be a change in the FA system. It’s relatively better in the second round, but it’s not easy to transfer in the first FA. There may be cases that you want, but even if you don’t, there are cases where you remain as a one-club woman. From the club’s point of view, I would like to retain as many good players as possible, but I personally think about what it would be like if transfers were a little more free to level the league.

Q. Who is the most notable player among active players?
ah… , There are too many of them. (Laughs) If I had to pick one, Danbi Kim would come to mind first. He holds both individual and team results. You yourself are hitting the peak, and the team is doing well too. I knew he was a good player from before, but I think his presence has grown even more after coming to Woori Bank. In the past, during the Shinhan Bank days, only Kim Dan-bi stood out, so it wasn’t enough to be mentioned as the championship or MVP. After transferring to Woori Bank, it seems that his name is mentioned more and more as his performance has increased along with the team’s performance.

Q. Recently, in the men’s basketball side, commentator Lee Gyu-seop is also famous for covering like a reporter in addition to explaining various strategies and tactics. She seems to be hardening like the color of the member in question. As a commentator, Eunhye Kim, what kind of efforts she is making and what characteristics she has?

In fact, in the case of commentator Lee Kyu-seop, I think the fact that he has experience as a director in addition to his own efforts is a merit. For example, getting into the locker room is a very difficult task for our commentators as well. There’s nothing you can’t do if you’re stubborn, but it’s definitely different from a natural visit. I think there are definitely merits of being a director in that aspect. In the case of me, since I am a former athlete and commentator, doing that is overkill. In addition, in terms of strategy and tactics, there can be a big difference between running as a player and experiencing as a leader. In my case, I try to focus on the psychological aspects of the players. For example, a certain player suddenly has a lot of layups or free throw misses, and it is difficult for ordinary fans to understand. Some criticize me for not being able to do basic things like eating and playing basketball. However, to an experienced player like me, it looks different. Basketball is something that can affect not only the technical aspects, but also the psychological state. I’m trying to tell the fans what the players are saying about it and why it’s going that way. 토토사이트

Q. In the early days of being a commentator, I was criticized for being too plain.
that’s right. I received a lot of criticism that I couldn’t speak strongly or that I wasn’t cool. It meant that I couldn’t do it and I had to do it. But each commentator has a different color. As you said, there are some committee members who strongly point out what is wrong. I wanted to focus on other parts. This is what I wanted to tell you first about why it is so for players who sometimes experience situations that are difficult to understand or who consistently show poor performances. It’s not that I’m unconditionally siding with the players, but I want the fans to know about this. I also try to meet as many players as possible before the game and listen to their stories. Due to various reasons, such as personal circumstances and team circumstances, I will not reveal everything to me, but I have to know the overall atmosphere and situation and explain it.

“I started playing basketball after watching the final match of the drama.”

Q. Were you tall and liked sports since childhood?

that’s right. I’ve been tall since I was in elementary school. I think it was the biggest in the entire school from around 5th grade, including female students as well as male students. I was taller than my older sisters and older brothers in 6th grade. However, I was very skinny compared to my height, so I had no strength. I wasn’t very good at running either. Fortunately, I was athletic, so I was good at dodgeball and foot baseball, and I also enjoyed tennis, swimming, cycling, and roller skating. He was an active child. I was rarely at home and went out every day to exercise and play. One day, while I was doing girl scout activities, the track and field teacher came and told me to run because I am good at running. I wasn’t confident in running, but he said that just by looking at my body shape.

Q. Hut! I guess you were kind of upset?
At that time, I couldn’t run well and I didn’t have confidence, but my coach kept looking at my body shape and recommending track and field. Do you think experience builds confidence? Since I kept running, running was worthwhile. It seemed that my body was gaining strength little by little. It was a case where one of the older sisters who was in the track and field team played basketball for a while. It was fun to teach me basketball from time to time. In addition, the drama ‘The Last Battle’ was very popular nationwide at the time. I was a huge fan watching it, but as I happened to be learning basketball from her older sister, I had a strong desire to try it. So I told my parents, but at first her father was strongly against it. Because his father is a football player. He represented the youth and even went to the unemployment team, so he was well aware of the challenges of athletics, so he didn’t want her daughter to go there. Moreover, at the time, I had a lot of tears and was on the tender side, so he probably wasn’t trustworthy at all.

Q. Did you keep insisting on wanting to do it?
Yes. Because I wanted to be stubborn, he gave me a deadline to do it at least during vacation. Maybe I thought I would stop after a while. But it wasn’t. The more I experienced during the vacation, the more I like basketball. At the time, all the members of the basketball team were wearing short haircuts. I didn’t even hesitate about that part. I immediately cut my hair and joined because I wanted to be together. I started because I just wanted to do it.

“My pride was hurt when I was replaced during the game, so I practiced shooting even more.”

Q. Did you become a shooter without looking under the goal because you lack power even though you are tall?

I think it’s half right and half not. It is true that he was athletic, skinny and weak. He had to struggle in elementary school, but every day he fell and stumbled. However, despite my physique, if I had a very good height, there is a chance that I would have gone to the center. After all, height is the best weapon in basketball. When I went to the basketball club, there were quite a few players taller than me. I started playing basketball at the end of 5th grade at 163cm tall, and at the time, some of my colleagues were 175cm and 180cm tall. It was really surprising even from my point of view, who always thought it was big. So, naturally, I was pushed back and went to the forward side. The smaller players were put on the guard side. In addition, he was in charge of forward, but he showed weakness in physical fights, so the direction of play was naturally made towards the shooter.

Q. Was there a turning point in your growth as a shooter?
As soon as I heard the question, I immediately thought of it. He played around the perimeter, but his shot didn’t go as straight as he wanted, perhaps because he still lacked strength. One day when he was going to high school, he was playing a practice game, but he wasn’t confident in his 3-point shot, so he didn’t throw it, and the coach immediately took him out of the game. From that point on, he practiced shooting hard and I think he played with a lot of care. He spent his school days hearing that he was good in his own way, but when he was replaced like that in the middle of a game, he must have hurt his pride. Coach Lee Ok-ja is the one who made me shoot like that. In his senior year of high school, he was about 180 cm tall, but he seems to have an advantage as a tall shooter because he is tall and has a long shot distance.

Q. Rival in the shooter position during school days? I wonder who could have been like that.
It seems that there were a lot of talented players in our grade, but unfortunately there are quite a few cases where they quit for various reasons. Many of my friends are curious about what kind of player they would have grown if they continued to play. In any case, exercising is not something you just need to have talent, but you also need to be able to endure it. There was a friend named Kwon Hye-mi who went to Hyundai. I’m still close with him, but he was a friend who listened to the sound of being number 1 in the rankings until elementary school and middle school. That friend was the best until middle school, and as if to prove this, she was the only youth representative in her same age when she was in her first year of high school. Afterwards, I was selected as a youth representative when I was in my senior year of high school, and we met there. At that time, I was a little better. (Laughs) If I had to pick one more person, it would be coach Bang Ji-yoon, who has been a leader at Sookmyung Girls’ High School for over 10 years. I am a friend who went to Shinsegae, and I remember fierce competition in high school. Hyemi was the best friend in elementary and middle school, and Jiyoon was her rival in high school.

Q. Among the players who were very good in childhood, it seems that there are quite a few cases where growth stagnates afterward.
that’s right. In elementary and middle school, athletes with strong bodies and good balance naturally stand out among their peers, but in many cases, their physical growth has been completed, so I have seen many cases where they barely grow taller and stop growing. On the other hand, in my case, when I started playing basketball, I stumbled to the point that I tripped on my leg, but my height steadily grew and my skills gradually improved. There were times when I was upset, ‘Why am I so weak?’, but many people said, ‘You have really good body proportions. He complimented me saying, “I have long limbs and look like a black man,” and I remember being encouraged by that.

Q. Oh… , With that body type, it would have been okay if I went to the model side.
I’ve heard a lot about that too. in middle school. There are quite a few people who say that if you don’t exercise, you’ll be fine as a model. He was tall, had good proportions, and was very skinny, so it seemed like he had potential. Of course, at the time, I was full of thoughts of ending it with basketball, so I didn’t even hear such a thing. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I had modeled, but since I have an active personality and a tendency to like sports, I still think basketball suits me.

Q. There seem to be quite a few types of shooters, such as shooters who use their fast feet to take a lot of action, or shooters who act as a sniper when needed while moving around. What kind of shooter was Kim Eun-hye during her active career?
ah… , that’s a tough question. First of all, I would like to say that the basketball of today was different from the basketball of my days. Recent basketball trends require players to be versatile. You have to show more than a certain level in various fields such as dribbling and shooting. A weapon of your own? It was an era when that concept disappeared, and I was pursuing division of labor basketball at the time, so I just had to be clear about what I had to do for each position. I was a forward who was in charge of the shooter, so I focused on shooting while diligently moving around throughout the game. I remember putting a lot of thought and effort into how to evade defense and use the screen to shoot. If the generation dribbles as soon as they catch the ball now, then it can be said that they were a generation that dribbles after catching the ball.

Q. What was the first thing you felt you had to reinforce after becoming a professional player?
First of all, I heard that I need to strengthen basic physical abilities such as speed and power. As I mentioned before, I was neither the quick-footed nor the strong. In my school days, however, such shortcomings were not highlighted. I’m on the tall side for a swingman and shooter, so based on my size advantage, I competed against players who were faster and stronger than me to some extent. But the professional world was different. Maybe he was a tall shooter in his days, but he was just average height in the pro. My strengths are gone. What can I do? If you want to survive, you have to run even harder. I ran and did physical training, but later, compared to my school days, I think my speed improved and my overall physical ability improved.

Q. Who was your role model as a shooter?
As soon as I hear the question, one person immediately comes to mind. I grew up watching (byun) younger sisters from middle school. So, I started adding 10 as my back number, following my younger sister. He was truly an idol. Growing up, I played a different style of basketball than my older sister, but I think I tried to imitate her in various technical aspects, such as the movement as a shooter. After coming to the pro team, (Park) Jung took her older sister’s playstyle and beat herself up. Both of you are remembered as legends in women’s basketball history. Just by looking at them from the sidelines, you can understand why they have built such a high reputation.

“The latte… , It would have been difficult then, but now the players are having a hard time in the other direction as well.”

Q. When I interviewed people who played at the basketball party in the past, they said that they did just that after running while being hit by cannon shots.

It may not have been as good as the old seniors’ days, but it wasn’t too different back then. I got steroid injections in the morning and warmed up in the afternoon and played games. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even speak. Unless it was a definite injury, such as a really cracked bone, I couldn’t pretend to be sick. Even if I tell the trainer that it hurts, I can’t tell the story to the coach… , So I think I just endured and ran. It may not be a big injury, but it was a generation that had to overcome minor pain with mental strength. Not only me but everyone else jumped like that, so I took it for granted.

Q. So is that so? Even when Park Ji-soo’s panic disorder came out, there were not a few basketball players who were worried but said, ‘I have to overcome that level’.
ah… , I think I know what that means. Everyone is worried, but there were quite a few opinions that we should endure and overcome. I didn’t say it openly because the era is the era. Athletes push their bodies to their limits and live with tension and excitement for a long time, so there must be many people who have experienced similar symptoms unknowingly. From the experience point of view, we may think that we also played basketball like that. For example, in the case of close friends in other sports, the actual personality is very bright and sloppy, but there is also a strong and strong image to be shown to the outside. That friend heard about Park Ji-soo’s panic disorder and said, ‘I think I’ve suffered from panic disorder in the past too’. I also experienced symptoms such as sudden shortness of breath. However, at the time, the unnies said it was not a big deal, saying, ‘It’s because you have such a damn personality’.

Q. Whoa! The reaction of seniors is amazing.
At least it was until my generation. The word panic disorder didn’t even come to the surface, but even if you complained of such symptoms, you often dismissed it as because you had a strange personality or because you were weak and couldn’t keep your mind calm. In that respect, we have developed a lot now in many ways. It checks and understands not only the player’s body, but also the mental part. Of course, I only talked about one aspect, and most of it was an atmosphere that sympathized with and comforted Jisoo’s struggles. He is one of the best big men in Korea. How strong willed and mental he must have been. That such a friend suffered from panic disorder must have been so difficult.

Q. How was the verbal abuse and violence?
Aside from verbal abuse, there is a relative part, I think violence has disappeared a lot as it became professional. In my case, I also exercised while getting hit during my school days. Then, when I came to the pros, there was no such thing as being violent. The old basketball team banquet seniors must have had a really hard time because there were not a few people who experienced violence even when they were players. In some ways, I think there were times when I hated basketball because of that rather than the exercise itself. It is said that many people’s consciousness has changed and it is not the same as before, but I really think it is a bad habit that needs to be eliminated from its root.

Q. Certainly, the basketball environment seems to have improved in many ways.
It is true that the environment has improved. However, I think that the difficulties of friends these days are too much to say that the past era was more difficult than now. In particular, the part where you have to survive according to the advanced strategy tactics looks really difficult even when you see it from the side. In the past, there was a big difference in size, so you could use merit in height as a weapon, but these days, everyone has to compete with technology and activity in a similar state. Point guards also need an active offensive stance, and centers also need to be able to play inside and outside. You have to digest more than what you have to do in your position. There are so many transitions that you have to run and run again and again. In the past, it was possible to move slowly and then speed up if there was a chance, but it is not easy in basketball these days. You’d be right if you thought you had to keep running back and forth, with no time to catch your breath. If I wasn’t a commentator, I would have vaguely thought, ‘The environment has improved these days. In our time, we played basketball even in the poor conditions.” However, as I continue to watch the players play in the field, the difference between basketball in the past and now seems to be clearly visible.

“I think I did very well to remain as a one-club woman.”

Q. Do you have a favorite player in the KBL and NBA besides women’s basketball?

of course. It’s not as much as women’s basketball, but it’s not an area that I’m interested in to some extent in the big frame of basketball anyway. At KBL, I liked senior Lee Sang-min when I was active. When asked to describe a basketball player’s playstyle, I think I tend to prefer guards rather than shooters. Rather than doing it with force, something nimble and clever, a style that makes the opponent look nasty (?) well? In the NBA, I like the late Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry. He shoots well, but his unique clever style is attractive. Maybe that’s why, when someone asks me if I would like to play basketball even if I were born again, I would answer that I would, but I want to play guard instead of shooter. Now that I’ve shot a lot, I want to become a player who coordinates team attacks, saves teammates with assists, and is good at breaking through quickly.

Q. You are so popular with the fans that you even ranked first in the All-Star fan vote during your active career. I think I heard that you are Woo Ji-won and Lee Sang-min of women’s basketball.
Did you? I’m grateful, but I don’t think so. That’s a bit exaggerated. I don’t think I was popular, but I had mostly female fans. Most of the fans I still keep in touch with are also women. I’m on the shy side, so I couldn’t get close easily, so I think there were a lot of cases where I left right away. I wish I was good at fan service, but I was clumsy in many ways. Even though I was grateful in my heart, I couldn’t express it well, perhaps because of my personality. I think I’ll do better than I did when I was active, but it’s a bit late. (Laughs) I have to do better at everything then.

Q. I am a one-club woman who completed her professional life from joining to retirement with a team at Woori Bank. I am curious about the secret.
ha ha… , I think it just went that way rather than a secret. Were you twenty-four? When I was first FA, I really thought about transferring. It was a time when there were foreign players. I played with Tamika Catchings, one of the greatest players of all time in the WNBA, in my early 20s, but I wasn’t playing much at that time. The moment I heard that the player signed with our team again in the year he became a free agent, I wanted to play together. So I turned down all the better FA conditions and stayed at Woori Bank. Well, after that, even if the free agent came back, I didn’t even think about transferring. All I could think about was that I should stay at Woori Bank. It’s not that there’s a big reason, I just like Woori Bank. As a result, it’s a good choice. There are some parts where I retired a little earlier than expected due to injury, but I am personally very proud to be able to finish my career as a one-club woman.

“Kim Yeon-joo and Kang I-seul are really pretty juniors

. ” etc… , Maybe there was a nickname that was famous?

Apparently, the nickname Lee Hyo-ri, who fell from the first floor, was quite famous (laughs). Her older sisters jokingly called her Eun-sil. Some people asked, “Isn’t it burdensome to be compared to Hyori Lee, the star of stars?” But I liked it. She also likes a celebrity named Hyori Lee and she fell off the first floor. If she has a handicap like that, wouldn’t Lee Hyo-ri’s fans understand her? As you said, the nickname “beauty shooter” is a bit boring. It’s not even a nickname that she gave to me by sticking to it. Of course, if that happened, she would have been terribly burdened. There must be quite a few basketball players who are called by that nickname or used by the media. I feel a bit over-excited. At the time, I think I was often called an ulzzang shooter rather than a beauty. I don’t use the word ulzzang now, but back then it was circulating a lot like a buzzword. Having said that, I feel like a very old person. Ha ha ha…

Q. There are Kim Yeon-joo and Kang I-seul as representative players who inherit the lineage of beautiful shooters. As a senior, what is the charm of juniors?
They are so pretty, so I don’t know what to say. First of all, the features are clear. It has big eyes and a cool look. Even without makeup, I think it’s really pretty. I envy them because I think I’m lacking in that area. (Laughs)

Q. You’re raising a son, how old are you now, and isn’t parenting difficult?
It’s 29 months now. Even if you listen to the stories of many seniors, they all say that parenting is hard. Athletes with strong patience may ask why, but patience during exercise and patience when raising children are different areas. What was personally difficult for me was not being able to plan my daily life? In my case, I’m the type to live within a time frame. I am one of those people who like to have a long day. But when you’re raising children, it’s hard to keep plans because you don’t know what’s going to happen on a daily basis. Rather than saying that parenting itself is difficult, when you can’t utilize your time? Still, I’m fortunate that my mom and dad live nearby and it’s only 30 minutes from my in-laws, so when I have to work, they help me a lot. Because there are parents on both sides, I can do my work to some extent even though I am a mother of a child. Please give us a lot of support in that area. Compared to other mothers, I don’t think parenting is comfortable. It’s something I’m so grateful for.

Q.Do you have any second plans?
There is not. I’m old and I do a lot of things, so rather than overdoing it, I want to raise my current child with all my heart. (Laughs)

Q. Lastly, please say hello to the fans who support Kim Eun-hye, a basketball player.
I’ve been like that since I was a player, but I’m really grateful that you like me a lot, encourage me, and give me what I always think is lacking. I will always show you how to improve and improve as much as you support me. Please love women’s basketball a lot and love me too (laughs). everyone be healthy

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