Korean figure skater met Mao from Japan again… Proficient in 4-rotation jump Appears every time

Reporter Park Dae-ro = Korean figure skating faces competition with another Japanese Mao. In the competition with Mao Asada (33), Yuna Kim (33) won, but Mao Shimada (15), who has newly appeared, looks formidable.

In the women’s single free skating at the International Skating Union (ISU) World Junior Championships held in Calgary, Canada on the 4th (Korean time), Jia Shin (15) was pushed back by Mao Shimada, her same age, to only her silver medal.

With this, Jia Shin lost to Mao Shimada in two consecutive tournaments. At the Junior Grand Prix Final held in Turin, Italy last December, Mao Shimada scored 205.54 points, pushing her Shin Jia, who only scored 200.32, into second place to win her gold medal.

Jia Shin succeeded in all the jumping tasks on the day, but she made a mistake in the choreo sequence at the end of the match. Even if she didn’t make a mistake, she couldn’t beat Mao Shimada.

Shimada Mao, who was the first in the short program on the last two days, successfully performed all of her high-level skills compared to Shin Jia, such as her triple axel and quadruple toe loop jump, and showed off her overwhelming skills.

Mao Shimada scored 152.75 points in the free skating and took first place with a total score of 224.54 points. The difference between Jia Shin and Mao Shimada, who scored a total of 201.90 points, was about 22 points.

In addition, the 224.54 points posted by Mao Shimada is the highest among juniors as well as seniors this season. Mao Shimada raised his season-high score by posting 217.68 points at the Grand Prix event in September last year, but broke his own high at this event.

As Mao Shimada showed his overwhelming skills, the case of Mao Asada from Japan, who formed a rivalry with Yuna Kim in the past, is being mentioned.

Mao Asada won the 2004-2005 season Grand Prix Final and Junior World Championships, beating Yuna Kim. At that time, Mao Asada was aiming for the world’s strongest position, even going beyond the senior stage. 토토사이트

Then, it was Yuna Kim who stood in the way of Mao Asada. At the 2005-2006 Junior World Championships in the 2005-2006 season, Mao Asada finished with a silver medal behind Kim Yu-na.

Afterwards, Mao Asada formed a rivalry with Yuna Kim, but the winner was Yuna Kim.

While Yuna Kim won the gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Asada Mao was beaten by Yuna Kim for her silver medal. Mao Asada also finished sixth at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, while Yuna Kim won her second Olympic medal of her own by claiming her silver medal despite her judging disadvantage.

Unfortunately, Korean figure skaters again competed against a Japanese figure skater with the same name as Mao. This opponent is stronger. Mao Asada could not grow further because he could not overcome the task of triple axel (three and a half revolutions), but Mao Shimada is already proficient in triple axel and quadruple jump with four revolutions.

Korean figure skating prospects such as Shin Ji-ah, Kim Yu-jae, and Kwon Min-sol are expected to compete against a powerful opponent, Shimada Mao, on the international stage. Attention is focusing on whether Korean figure skating will be able to surpass Mao and reach the top of the world once again.

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