Korea Baseball Organization star Ha-Sung Kim to return to shortstop in 2024 + free agent jackpot?

Ha Sung Kim’s stock is soaring, and the 28-year-old San Diego shortstop is expected to hit the free-agent jackpot in 2024.

Kim has emerged as a national star in Major League Baseball this season. His name has been in the news in the US media. Recently, there have been calls for Kim to return to shortstop. Yahoo Sports in the U.S. emphasized that “Zander Bogaerts could return to shortstop next year if he moves to another position.”

This season, Kim has improved to the point where he could win a Gold Glove. He has been one of the team’s best performers in all areas of the game. “Between his defense and offense, he has developed into not only the Padres’ team MVP, but one of the National League MVPs,” said Trade Rumors on March 3. The San Diego Union-Tribune has also been singing his praises.카지노

The San Diego Union-Tribune also praised Kim for his value for money. Kim, who signed a 4+1 year, $39 million contract with San Diego, is said to be worth more than $8 million this year. He has an option to extend his contract for another year at $8 million after the 2024 season. However, if Kim’s presence this season is any indication, he will likely be a free agent after the 2024 season.

Depending on how he performs in 2024, he could be looking at a huge free agent contract. If he wins a Gold Glove this year and returns to shortstop next year and hits as well as he did this season, he’ll be golden. San Diego could make a big offer early to keep him. Kim’s status has certainly changed.

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