Klinsman, ahead of entry, challenges to overcome ‘anxious gaze’

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who will lead the national soccer team, is about to return to Korea tomorrow (8th).

Although the ‘name value’ is considered the best ever, attention is focused on what kind of chemistry he will show with the players as the trial and error he has experienced as a leader is not easy.

This is reporter Kim Jong-seong.


Coach Klinsman was selected as the right person to lead the Asian Cup victory in 64 years and the 11th consecutive World Cup finals.

While many fans reminisce about the glamorous glory of his playing days, the reality is more focused on the turmoil exposed in his leadership career.

He was criticized for his lack of tactical skills while coaching Germany, and after taking the helm of Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin, he also exposed problems in ‘communication’. 스포츠토토

Even after experiencing a career break for the last three years, voices are emerging asking whether it is reasonable to entrust the heavy responsibility of being responsible for the fate of the national team.

In particular, it is of great interest how to resolve the controversy caused by this one word of Michael Müller, chairman of the Power Enhancement Committee, who oversaw the appointment of the director.

<Michael Müller / Korea Football Association Power Reinforcement Committee Chairman> “Tactics alone is not the answer. Players must show their individuality and know how to deal with star players…”

Coach Klinsman is scheduled to answer questions from the media at an official press conference the next day after briefly expressing his impressions after his arrival, and he is expected to spend a lot of time relieving the uneasy gaze on himself.

<Kim Dae-gil / Soccer Commentator> “You have to present your own road map accurately. Social skills, tactical skills in football, and managerial skills are all necessary.”

An official from the Korea Football Association said that the final selection of coaches to match with the manager will be completed soon, and the players who will participate in the A match in March early next week will be revealed.

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