‘Kim Yeon-kyung’s magic’ worked! Heungkuk Life Insurance ranks first in the league for the first time this season at home!

The countdown is over. Now I have to continue my solo. 

On the 15th, in the 5th round of the ‘2022-23 Dodram V-League’ women’s division held at Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon, Heungkuk Life Insurance turned Pepper Savings Bank to a set score of 3-0 (25-17, 25-18, 25-19). . 

Heungkuk Life Insurance made 63 cumulative points (21 wins and 7 losses) and finally pushed Hyundai Engineering & Construction to become the leader in the league, overturning the rankings in 5 rounds. For Hyundai E&C (61 points), which recently lost key players in succession, it must win 3 points in the next game to regain the lost first place. 

Heungkuk Life Insurance has risen to the top of the league once again after the 2020-21 season. Even in the 20-21 season, he maintained 1st place until the 4th round, but the team was shaken and the ranking crashed sharply. After that, in the 2021-22 season, it fell to 6th place. 

However, thanks to Kim Yeon-kyung’s explosive firepower this season, she never missed the two tops of the season and finally took first place again. 

On this day, captain Kim Mi-yeon was absent due to injury. However, the fighting spirit of the other team members who wanted to take first place came together and created a landslide victory. Kim Yeon-kyung scored 19 points, Yelena scored 16 points, and Joo-ah Lee scored 10 points. 

From the start, Yelena was uneasy because of a mistake, but Kim Yeon-kyung scored 3 points and took an 8-5 lead. Pepper Savings Bank did not score after the mistake and gave up momentum as it was. Park Kyung-hyun’s front-line attack was blocked by Lee Won-jung and cruised. 

Pepper Savings Bank revealed a gap in the defense. The score was 5 points ahead of me, and Nia Reed started the chase with a successful open attack following blocking. Lee Joo-ah’s serve ace fired back. 20 minutes after the game started, Heungkuk Life Insurance reached 20 points first.

Yelena’s streak scored the decisive blow. Pepper Savings Bank’s receive collapsed helplessly. Receive efficiency was 14.29% in only one set. The first set was 25-17, and Heungkuk Life Insurance took it easily.  안전놀이터

In the second set, Nia Reid scored 6 points at once and set the mood first, 9-8. The back attack of the distant RBI was threatening. However, due to a mistake, it was reversed in a flash. Lee Joo-ah’s brilliant open sense stood out. Yelena didn’t miss the opportunity and scored the first goal. After that, he continued to take the lead and lead the game. 

Pepper Savings Bank put Nia Reed at the forefront, but couldn’t avoid being beaten by Heungkuk Life Insurance in attack technique. Up to the second set, Heungkuk Life took over 25-18 and took the atmosphere completely. 

In the 3rd set, leading 5-3, Daeun Kim’s serve hit Jooah Lee’s head with a twinkle. Lee Joo-ah did not give in and hit the sub-ace. Kim Yeon-kyung’s attack mercilessly bombed the coat of Pepper Savings Bank. Pepper Savings Bank only scored more than 20 points over 3 sets of Niared, but the domestic team fell into a slump. In the end, Heungkuk Life Insurance took 25-19 until the 3rd set and welcomed the joy of rising to the top of the league. 

On the 19th, Heungkuk Life Insurance will enter the first place with a confrontation with GS Caltex at the Jangchung Gymnasium. 

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