Kim Suji Pearl Pearl… Beat Pepper in 89 minutes

IBK, 6th place, defeated Pepper Savings Bank, 7th place, in a match at the bottom of women’s volleyball.

Veteran Suji Kim made a big success with 6 blocks. 메이저놀이터

Industrial Bank of Korea overwhelms Pepper Savings Bank, which is challenging its first winning streak.

188cm center Kim Soo-ji scored 16 points, the second most in the team, with 6 blocks, and Kim Hee-jin, who came back from a knee injury, added strength with 8 points, and IBK won 3-0 in 1 hour and 29 minutes. They continued their 5-win undefeated streak against Pepper Savings Bank.

In the men’s division, second place Hyundai Capital easily defeated OK Financial Group, which made 20 serving mistakes, 3-0.

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