Kim Seo-hyun, who left a strong first impression, was banned from training for 3 days by criticizing the coach through SNS

Hanwha 1st designated rookie right pitcher Kim Seo-hyun (19) was disciplined by the team to suspend training for a post criticizing the coach left on social media last month.

Kim Seo-hyun criticized his coach through his social media account in January when he digested his rookie training program. It didn’t become an issue at the time the post was posted, but it was confirmed that the person who posted the post on the 7th (Korean time), while the Arizona spring camp was in progress, was Kim Seo-hyun.

Coach Carlos Subero had a meeting with Kim Seo-hyun, and Hanwha disciplined Kim Seo-hyun according to the club’s internal rules. An official from the Hanwha club said, “The player openly criticized the coach. He is subject to disciplinary action according to the bylaws.” 카지노

Accordingly, on the 7th, Kim Seo-hyun returned to his accommodation after only showing his appearance at the camp site, Mesa Bell Bank Park, Arizona, USA. Due to the ban on training for four days, Seohyun Kim has to stay at the dorm without participating in training until the 7th, 8th, and 10th, excluding the 9th, which is a rest day.

Kim Seo-hyun wore the Hanwha uniform with the first overall pick in the rookie draft last year. He received great attention as a special prospect who throws a ball in the middle of 150 km, and in the bullpen pitching on the 6th, he recorded a maximum speed of 151 km per hour. On this day, Hanwha foreign pitchers Felix Pena and Birch Smith also pitched in the bullpen, but Kim Seo-hyun threw the ball faster than them. Pena recorded a maximum speed of 147 km, and Smith recorded a maximum speed of 149 km.

It seemed good from the start. He also left a strong impression in his first bullpen pitching. However, when he first trained in the Hanwha uniform, it became known belatedly that he criticized the coach, and he fell out with his teammates. Kim Seo-hyun plans to return to training on the 11th.

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