Kim Min-jae, who is like Taesan, is not shaken by emotions

Kim Min-jae (26) was not shaken by emotions. 

The Korean national soccer team is about to play against the Uruguay national soccer team in an A-match invited by Hana Bank to be held at the Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul from 8:00 pm (Korean time) on the 28th. It is the national team that showed off hot football in the match against Colombia held on the 24th (2-2 draw). In the game on the 28th, the plan is to make the first win under the Jurgen Klinsmann (58) system. 

On the 27th, the day before the match, the official press conference of the Korean national team was held. Manager Klinsman and monster center back Kim Min-jae participated in this event.  카지노

Among the questions at the press conference that day, there was a question about opposing midfielder Federico Valverde (24). Valverde is a member of the Uruguay national team and currently plays for Real Madrid, one of the best teams in the world. His skills are also considered to be among the best in the world. In order for our national team to win the evaluation match, it is important to block this Valverde. It is one of the tasks that Kim Min-jae has to do on this day. 

Moreover, Valverde has a bad relationship with our national team. At the 2017 Under-20 World Cup held in Korea, it was controversial for tearing out the eyes, a racist act. At the 2022 International Football Federation (FIFA) World Cup in Qatar, Lee Kang-in (22)’s dribble was cut off with a tackle and then he showed an unknown behavior of shouting. 

Kim Min-jae revealed his thoughts, saying, “Valverde is such a good player. He is also good at shooting, so when he gets to the distance, I think he should be prevented from doing it.” 

Regarding the bad relationship, he said, “There were a lot of bad things with Valverde (with us). But you shouldn’t put emotions in it. You shouldn’t care if that player is good, you have to think about winning as a team. (Emotional retaliation is If we win the game, I think Valverde will be upset and I think it’s the best revenge.” 

Kim Min-jae said, “It will be difficult not to concede against (a strong team) Uruguay. (Unlike the game against Colombia), however, we have to go without a goal this time. do,” he added. 

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