Kim Ha-seong To do ‘smack-bread’ for two years? McCadam “Trade with Hauk to utilize Kim Ha-seong until the 20-year-old prospect grows up”

There was an argument that it was necessary to use Ha-seong Kim (San Diego Padres) as a “bread”.

Sean McCadam of the Boston Sports Journal recently appeared on a podcast and said that the Boston Red Sox should make a trade to send pitcher Tanner Harke to San Diego to use Kim Ha-sung as their “temporary replacement” shortstop, “Mass Live.” was reported

“I think Ha-sung Kim will be the perfect bridge to Marcelo Mayer’s rise to the big leagues in 2025,” McCadam said. While Mayer has been preparing for two years, Kim Ha-seong, who has a two-year contract left, will be used as Boston shortstop.

It is also because Kim Ha-seong will go to the FA market after two years anyway.

Boston has been unable to acquire a replacement for shortstop Zander Bogarts since he left for San Diego.

He’s considering moving Trevor Story from second base to shortstop, but Story’s arm strength isn’t strong enough to play shortstop.

Macadam said, “Ha-seong Kim is not a plus-plus defender, but he has the arm strength to provide great defense in the center. Then you don’t have to move the story to shortstop. there is,” he said. 스포츠토토

“Ha-sung Kim can’t replace Bogarts from an offensive standpoint, but at (Fenway Park) he can hit 15-18 home runs. He also produces important hits and is one of the bottom three hitters who can contribute to the team. It could be one,” he said.

Mayer is Boston’s top prospect and played on the Minor League High A team last year. The MLB Pipeline ranks him as the 7th best prospect overall.

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