Kim Dae-han, beaten by Koshien hero, first home run + triple explosion … Is it really going to explode this year??

An exciting left-handed solo home run against KT on the 20th… On the 21st, Kim Dae-han hit a triple
, and in the Asian Championship 4 years ago, a 3-point 3-pointer against Koshien Star, and a
solo home run against Taiwanese 150km/h pitcher in the final.

 Can I trust this year?

Daehan Kim started warming up for the season by hitting a home run in an exhibition game against KT. In an exhibition match held on March 20 at KT Wiz Park in Suwon, Daehan Kim caught the attention of coach Lee Seung-yeop by hitting two hits, including a solo home run. The next day, he came on as a substitute and hit a triple to right-middle in the 7th inning. This is the first home run and triple in the demonstration game.

Kim Dae-han is a hit product that the Doosan Bears are putting forward this season. In fact, there were many opinions that even if he exploded, it should have already exploded. Even in the Seoul area, there are many baseball officials who express doubts that the player who was nominated overall is staying as a prospect for the fourth year. This is because Daehan Kim is a real 5-tool player with good power, quick feet, and a strong shoulder.토토사이트

Not only that. Kim Dae-han was the player who hit two homers with a wooden bat at the 2018 Asian Championships and became the home run king. Kim Dae-han (Whimungo) hit Yoshida’s first pitch slider with one out and 1st and 2nd base in the first inning against Japan in the preliminaries, hitting the preemptive final 3-run homer that went over the left fence. Koshien star Yoshida, whom the whole of Japan was watching with interest, was defeated with a single blow.

Yoshida, who throws fastballs at 150 km/h, was a superstar who won five consecutive complete games from the first round to the semifinals at the Koshien last summer. Ganaashi Nonggo, who lacked enough substitutes due to the thin player base, advanced to the finals. Although he collapsed with 12 runs in 5 innings in the final match, all of Japan was enthusiastic about Yoshida’s fighting spirit, throwing 881 balls while digesting 50 innings in 6 games for 2 weeks.

It was Kim Dae-han who hit a home run against such a player. Not only that. In the final match, Daehan Kim pulled the Taiwanese starting pitcher’s 150km/h and hit a solo home run. The high school stage was narrow. While getting 12 walks at 0.545, he struck out only two.

Current coach Oh Tae-geun of Whimoon High School, who coached Kim Dae-han during his school days, said, “Dae-han is a player who can do well enough if he puts his mind at ease and lets him do what he does. He’s a player who has everything, but he’s still not strong enough mentally.” However, coach Lee Seung-yeop is a former star player and understands the psychology of these players better than anyone else. He also said, “Until now, if you give faith, it is a style that definitely gives.”

And Kim Dae-han is slowly repaying that trust. In the demonstration game, it is a long hit. He is repaying manager Lee’s trust by recording as many as 7 long hits.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop uttered vitriol, saying, “I don’t like anything at all” during the demonstration game, but he continues to express his anticipation for Kim Dae-han. Kim Dae-han is expected to compete with Jamsil idol Sue-bin for the center fielder position this season. I hope their competition creates new synergies. Will this director’s wish come true?

It’s still early, but looking at the demonstration games, I think we can raise our expectations a little more this year.

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