Ki Sung-yong, who thought about the future of his juniors, “It depends on the 6 months of Uijo”

Hwang Ui-jo’s (31) national team senior Ki Sung-yong (34, Seoul) told the story of exchanges with Hwang Ui-jo. Ki Sung-yong thought about the future of Hwang Eui-jo.

On the 6th, Ki Sung-yong will start training in Kagoshima, Japan with the FC Seoul team through Incheon International Airport. Ki Seong-yong, who met with reporters prior to departure, talked about Hwang Eui-jo, a ‘freshman’ who confirmed the rental recruitment on the 5th.

The following is Q&A with Ki Sung-yong.

-I heard that you gave Hwang Eui-jo advice before joining Seoul.

Rather than advice, Hwang Eui-jo has had difficulties recently as he has not been able to play a lot. I wanted him to play because he’s basically great. So he thought it would be nice to go to a team where he could play. He said positively that it would be of great help if I could talk well with Seoul and play for myself (Hwang Eui-jo in Seoul).

-There is also the case of Hwang In-beom, who went through a short-term lease.

He thinks that if he shows his skills, he will be of great help to Seoul. Hwang In-beom was the same. (Hwang) In-beom also showed a good side, so Ui-jo is also short-lived, but I think he will do well for the future. 먹튀검증

For now, I think there are still opportunities left. If Hwang Eui-jo, who has not been able to play for the past few months, improves in Korea, he thinks he will be competitive. Because he has experience, depending on how he spends these six months, he thinks he will get a chance in the future.

-As a soccer senior, what advice do you have?

(Hwang Eui-jo) As a player with a class, there is no doubt about his ability. He hasn’t played many games so far, so if he improves his senses, he will show good performances in the national team and in Europe. He thinks it is a period of rest and hopes he builds up his body slowly.

-The pass toward Hwang Ui-jo.

Since it is always a supporting role, I have to work behind the scenes so that Uijo can score as much as possible.

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