KGC Elisabeth moves forward looking higher than now!

The performance of Elisabeth Ine Barga in the second year of the V-League is remarkable. She currently leads the women’s division in scoring and ranks high in offensive total, open offense, and serve. She energizes a team that dreams of advancing to spring volleyball with her explosive bang and tireless appearance. He is a rabbit year player who caught two rabbits on the court with his strong appearance and positive energy. However, he is not satisfied with this and wants to go further in the new land. step by step for sure. Even if there are days when she falls down, she is a female warrior who makes even those who see her hot with her unstoppable passion. What will a female foreign player born in 1999 think of the V-League and life in Korea, which will decorate a page in her volleyball journey? <The Spike> met her and she looked back at various stories.

From beautiful Hungary to the distant Korean land,
an icon of challenge

Q. Hello! First of all, I am very happy with the feeling of having an interview with <The Spike>.
I saw a lot of interviews conducted by our team in <The Spike>, and I also read articles about Jung Ho-young and Han Song-i. That’s why I’m more happy and honored.

Q. Let’s go back in time. What motivated you to challenge the V-League?
I knew Korea from before. I knew that Valentina Diouf and Lucia Fresco played in Korea, and I thought I would like to try someday. I made up my mind and stepped forward, but it’s really nice to come.

Q. In fact, the distance between Korea and Hungary is not close, but how was it to recall the memories of that time, wondering if there was any fear in distant Korea?
My family lives in several countries. My family lives in Africa and America, so I like to travel. I have no objection to going to another country. So, when I came to Korea, I had no fear at all.

Q. Please introduce what kind of place Elisabeth lives in Hungary!
What a beautiful place. It is not mountainous like Korea, but it is a country with many flatlands and beautiful natural scenery. Famous for its many lavender fields, Budapest is… How beautiful it is!

The beauty of Korea “I am addicted to delivery services” Q. It is the second season of the V-League, and you must have gotten used to life in Korea. What do you usually do when you are not playing volleyball? During the season, the schedule is tight, so there are not many days off. Most of us try to get some rest at home for the next game.

Q. Then, after the season, have you been to any tourist spots or attractions in Korea?
After the 2021-2022 season, my brother came to Korea and went to Lotte Tower. The scenery was good and there was a lot of light, so I was impressed. There’s an episode here, but I actually thought that I wouldn’t be able to play again in Korea next season, so I went with the mindset of ‘Let’s go to a place that’s as cool as it is (in Korea) for the last time!’ And last summer, I went to Chungju for rowing training with the team members. The players were divided into teams and had a rowing match, and it was fun so it remains in my memory.

Q. To what extent do you think you have adapted to life and culture in Korea?

I think I’m almost done.. I also like to speak Korean. But sometimes it’s difficult and I want to cry. We often use delivery services. Because I come at 7 in the morning (laughs). It’s very convenient, and now I’m addicted to delivery services. It costs a lot of money, but I still think it’s very comfortable. If you buy a lot of things, you will have a lot of luggage when you go home. There is more luggage when you return than what you bring. (What do you usually bring?) I buy new household items and take them with me. Last year, I had a lot of skincare-loving friends in Hungary, so I took them and introduced them. I also bring a lot of Korean souvenirs like fans and give them to my friends. ah! And I buy a lot of almonds of various flavors where H is silent. My favorite flavor is Cherry Jubilee!

Q. This time, it’s a question about ‘food’. Do you have any favorite Korean food?
I like the ‘flying fish roe rice’ that was served for lunch today (January 11th). The first time I ate it, I thought it didn’t suit my taste, but when I ate it again, it was so delicious. now i like it I also like stir-fried octopus and stir-fried webfoot octopus. In the past, when I ate lunch boxes, I mainly ate salads, but now I eat them with stir-fried octopus. I love seafood.

Q. Now let’s talk about volleyball. I was nominated with a high rank in both drafts of foreign players.
I didn’t know I would be picked at all. When I saw the draft list for the 2021-2022 season, I thought, ‘Yeah.. I can’t do it’, but I was so surprised to be selected. I wasn’t sure this year either. I thought I was lucky to be selected last year, but I was lucky enough to be nominated this time, so I thought, ‘Okay, let’s go!’ I was so happy to be nominated in this year’s draft that I screamed, but I didn’t expect the screen connected by KOVO to be that big. 

Q. You played in the Hungarian League before coming to the V-League. Is there any difference?
As time goes by, my memory is fuzzy. I heard that Hungary has changed a lot from the 2022-2023 season. They say he’s gotten stronger Hungary and Korea have similar league schedules, but the pace and flow are different. Do you feel that Korea is progressing so fast? I don’t know why I feel that way. And Korea pays a lot of attention to physical fitness. I do weight exercises every morning. In Hungary, volleyball training is more important than building a body. I guess this is the biggest difference. 온라인카지노

Q. Currently, the V-League has various fan cultures, such as cheering songs symbolizing players and placards cheering for players. How is it in Hungary?
It’s the first time I’ve experienced this kind of fan culture. When I first came to the Korean stadium, I was very surprised to see many people bringing uniforms and cheering with songs. I was happy because there were many exchanges between fans and players. Among the atmospheres you can feel in Korea, I like the fan culture the most. It relaxes me and gives me strength.

Q. How do you feel about the cheering song ‘Ellehi’?
When I was first recommended, I thought this would be okay. Then I watched the dance, and it was okay because it was with the dance. People liked it. An interpreter recommended it. He recommended it because he felt it would make my image more fun and bright and would become a trend.

Q. Elisabeth is really lively and bright. Even on the court, you can often see her trying to keep the team atmosphere alive, where is the source of this energy?
I want to have a happy child-like heart. And I like to run around because I have a lot of energy. These looks seem to have come out the same on the court. It comes naturally because I have good people around me and I enjoy being with them.

Q. Is there a routine before a game that you must do?
There are so many. If it’s a 7:00 game, I’ll have a snack at 3:30, and after that I’ll try to concentrate as seriously as possible. Avoid phone calls except for family members. As for the uniform, only the uniform worn on the field is worn on match days. Even if I have practice in the morning before the game, I do not wear training clothes, but I train wearing the uniform I will wear during the game.

Q. There will be days when the game doesn’t work out or the exercise doesn’t go well. Is there any special way to overcome these days?
I get a lot of support and help from my teammates, coaches, and family. Overcome with support, and make your heart strong. Try to overcome difficult situations so that you can move forward.

“I’m not satisfied with myself yet . It’s slow, but I’m trying to
take one step at a time. “

Q. How satisfied are you with your current volleyball player?
I’m still not very satisfied. Because there are many new things to learn, and there are parts where my skills are not stable, so I am working harder. It’s slow, but I try to take one step at a time. 

Q. If you look at the records, you can see that you have improved from the first season. What efforts have you made?
I had the experience of doing it once, so I relaxed my mind during the second season. As a result, my breathing with the players became easier, and I felt like I got along well. I did my best last year as well, but after it was over, I felt that I could show a little more, so I worked harder. I wanted to show a better image.

Q. You stand out in your serve or attack. What is the most thrilling score among serving, attacking, and blocking?
hmm… Blocking! Because I don’t think I’ve been well organized about blocking yet. There are many things to work on. That’s why I feel the best when I catch blocking. When I just block, I feel better when I think ‘I finally got one!’

Q. Your serve has gotten really strong. Especially in the clutch situation, the strong serve works well.

I don’t feel stable yet. So I am working harder. Still, I gained more confidence than before. Director Koh Hee-jin told me to put it in hard, so I was able to put it in hard. I’m definitely more confident. The team half-jokingly and half-seriously tells me that only I can serve. Even when training. Even if you make a mistake, tell them to go strong unconditionally.

“I am an introvert, but I am an extrovert. I
have a variety of appearances.” Q. Now, I would like to talk about Elisabeth. If she has any hobbies other than volleyball. 
During the season, I don’t have much time, so I don’t try to focus my energy on other hobbies. If it’s not the season, I like to cook, read books, and enjoy walking. When I’m on vacation, I really like going to new places. To sum it up, I like reading books, traveling, and cooking. Q. What is your usual personality like? I am an introvert but an extrovert. I like to be alone, and I like people. It has various appearances. Q. Your family (cousins ​​and nephews) came to Korea last December. How did you spend your time?

My family came and gave me a lot of strength. Elena and Maya are here. Elena is my cousin. We grew up together since she was a child. So she is like Elena’s older brother as well as her real brother. And Maya is younger than me, but she has a lot of energy and has become her will. I didn’t get to do much with her family, but the day after the Christmas game, she had a day off, so she went to Seoul. She spent time looking at the Myeong-dong department store, visiting the Myeong-dong Cathedral, and going to Namdaemun Market to buy souvenirs.

Q. Is there a song you enjoy listening to? If you could recommend one song.
I have so many favorite songs. I like various genres. I fell in love with African beats this summer. I listen to the song ‘KU RO SA’ the most, and it lingers in my head. I can’t stop listening.

Q. If you hadn’t been a volleyball player, what do you think you would be doing now?
Now 23 years old, she must have been a college student. I think she probably went to college in London or New York with her uncle.

Q. You said that this year’s bucket list was to travel to Africa.
My family is in Africa. It’s a big family, so there are a lot of families I haven’t met yet. Even if it’s not just my family, I’ve wanted to go since I was young. I want to go because I have a lot of questions about my family. And I love traveling all over the world, not just Africa. 

Q. Now it’s time to wrap up. I’m curious about how you felt about the interview.
It was fun. I feel so good. I am happy and honored that you have come this far.

Q. I know that many fans come to the stadium and send messages of support. What would you like to say to your fans?
thank you. I am lucky and honored to be supported by such good people!

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