Joo Min-gyu, Jeong Seung-hyun, even Adam… ‘Return holiday → voluntary training’ Ulsan is not a winning team for nothing

It’s not going well for nothing. Ulsan Hyundai, which is running on a flawless ‘opening five consecutive wins’, the main agent of this team voluntarily came to the training ground even on holidays ahead of the 6th round home game against Suwon Samsung.

Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo gave the team a two-day vacation on the 3rd and 4th immediately after the K-League 1 round 5 away match (3-1 win) against Jeju United on the 2nd.

Regarding the club’s first five-game winning streak since the start of the season, consideration was given to letting the players take a breather. It’s a kind of two-day ‘reward vacation’.스포츠토토

However, on the second day of vacation, the Ulsan clubhouse was hot. In addition to striker Joo Min-gyu, who plays a leading role in Ulsan Oreumse by scoring three consecutive goals, ‘captain’ Jung Seung-hyeon, Lee Myeong-jae, Lee Kyu-seong, Kim Ki-hee, Lim Jong-eun, and Yoon Il-rok voluntarily requested training from the coaching staff. One thing that draws attention is that foreign players returned their holidays and wore training suits. Tall striker Martin Adam and Swedish duo Boyanic and Rubiksson joined the team.

They underwent a customized program, including recovery training, in consideration of their personal conditions.

Of course, the one I looked at most heartily was director Hong, the “chief.” He accompanied head coach Seigo Ikeda and looked at players who voluntarily participated in training and worked together.

It is often the case that a player who has not played much in the game pulls up during individual training on a holiday, but it is not uncommon for many of the top players to give up the holiday and sweat. In particular, foreign players responded and led the training atmosphere.

Each club in the K-League believes that players’ personal training time has decreased overall compared to before. As the generational gap widened, the number of seniors leading their juniors outside of team training has disappeared. In the meantime, giving up holidays and working on their own training inside Ulsan, which runs ‘League No. 1’, has great implications for other teams.

Coach Hong said, “When the team’s performance is good, the internal competition can become more intense. Also, as we enter the third season after my arrival, the players are clearly aware of what the coaches and teammates around them want. It seems that this kind of appearance (personal training) comes out naturally in such an atmosphere.”

The team is doing well, but among the players, ‘Never be vigilant’, goodwill competition is unfolding. Ulsan will challenge Suwon at 2:00 p.m. on the 8th at Ulsan Munsu Stadium to win 6 consecutive wins since the opening.

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