Japanese media “Korea’s Taegeukgi ceremony is ‘barrage’ and ‘outrageous'”… Former SK coach Lee Se “Can do it again. To prevent it, Japan has no choice but to win”

In 2008, a Japanese coach who served as coach for two years at SK Wyverns (currently SSG Landers) is known to have said that Japan had no choice but to win to prevent Korea from holding the Taegeukgi ceremony.

Japanese media Higashi Spoweb reported on the 11th that critic Takao Ise said, “I am worried that I can do (Taegeukgi ceremony) again.”

According to the media, Mr. Ito said, ” Even if the player is not thinking, the surroundings can make it that way. There is a possibility that something will come. In order to prevent Korea from doing (the Taegeukgi ceremony), (Japan) has no choice but to win.”

The media said, “Samurai Japan is aiming to win the 5th WBC held in March, but the team that can never be defeated is Korea, a rival that will be met in the first round. Korea, which is obsessed with ‘beaten Japan’, has won the past two tournaments. Immediately after winning the match against Japan, he committed an act of violence by planting his country’s flag on the mound. It has been 14 years since then. Will Korea repeat the ‘barrage’ amidst deep-rooted anti-Japanese sentiment against historical issues?” floated

The media continued, “Recently, after losing to Japan in Premier 12 in 2019 and Tokyo Olympics in 2021, Korea will challenge (to Japan) to regain national prestige.” After defeating Japan in the second round of the 1st tournament, he committed an act of violence by planting his national flag on the mound of Tokyo Dome.Ichiro Suzuki, who lacked consideration for the loser, said, “The most humiliating day in my baseball life.” ‘, and foreign media also criticized the behavior of Korean players, saying, ‘There is no sportsmanship’.” 온라인바카라

“It was the result of Ichiro’s remarks before the tournament, ‘I want to beat my opponent to the extent that it gives me the feeling that I will not be able to beat Japan for the next 30 years,’ as the Korean media called it a ‘provocation’ and incited hostility (to Japan). In the 2nd tournament, when Korea won against Japan in the 2nd round, they planted their national flag again.”

The media introduced the words of Satoshi Fujii, a professor at Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering, saying that there are people who expressed a different opinion from Ise.

Professor Fujii said, “Of course, it would be regrettable if the violence (Taegukgi ceremony) was committed again,” but “Maybe not. There is a possibility that the Taegeukgi ceremony will not be held.”

The media said, “ The Korea-Japan match, where various thoughts intersect, will be held on March 10th.

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