‘It’s a desert… ‘ Another rain forecast, the national team sighs “Reviewing the adjustment of the practice game schedule”

 Lee Kang-cheol, who is walking fast toward the first round of the WBC finals, is disturbed by the news of an ‘uninvited guest’.

In Tucson, Arizona, USA, where the national team is staying, rain was predicted for two days from the 22nd (Korean time). On the 22nd, the national team’s training break, ‘scattered showers’ were predicted, but on the 23rd, strong winds and rain are predicted. Local weather information sites in the United States predict a 58-72% chance of rain in Tucson over the two days.

A bigger problem is the temperature. In Tucson, where the weather was clear after last week’s rain, the highest daytime temperature rose to 25 degrees. However, after two days of rain, daytime temperatures are expected to stay at a maximum of 11 degrees. Considering the influence of wind, the perceived temperature is expected to be less than 10 degrees.

The national team, which was convened on the 15th, had its first training schedule delayed due to rain from that night to the next morning. Even after that, the players had a hard time training because of the cold weather. 토토사이트

Tucson, a city in southern Arizona, is a city built in the middle of the desert. The average annual precipitation is 60 mm, but in January and February, it rains once or twice a month. In January and February of last year, there were only four days of rain, and all of them were less than 5 mm. However, it has rained several times this year alone. It has been more than four days since it rained before and after the national team was summoned this month. An official familiar with the local situation explained, “As the temperature in the Arctic rises due to global warming, the cold air is moving south, and the cold is coming to the southern part of the United States.” Coach Lee Kang-cheol, who is leading the national team, also said, “At this point, the weather in the Tucson area should be warm, but it is very different from previous years.”

A practice match between the national team and KT Wiz is scheduled for the 23rd, when rain is predicted. On the 24th, the schedule for two consecutive matches against KT. However, due to rain forecast, schedule changes or cancellations were inevitable. Coach Lee said, “The practice match scheduled before the first round of the finals is a schedule set for the condition and performance of the players,” he said.

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