It was the worst at Arsenal…”Real, Barca, Man City level”

It wasn’t good at Arsenal, but the rental life is very positive.

Arsenal fans will not appreciate Nuno Tavares. He is 183cm tall, plays fullback, has excellent physicality, and has resilient movement and aggression, so he was evaluated to be responsible for Arsenal’s side, but the reality was not so. His somewhat lackluster football intelligence has led to his lack of fine finishing, which has had a huge impact on the defensive side as well. In addition, Arsenal’s left flank was more exposed than the right flank due to his habit of not returning well once he attempted an attack. 스포츠토토

In the end, he couldn’t escape criticism. Last season, he built a competitive composition with Kieran Tierney, increased his playing time by taking advantage of Tierney’s injury, and recorded a total of 28 appearances, but did not show competitiveness. With the exception of scoring the winning goal against Manchester United, he was not very good in most of the matches and in this match he made headlines for scoring the winning goal rather than defending himself.

Eventually, he left the team after one season. With a lot of contract period left and potential enough, Arsenal chose a lease rather than a complete transfer.

The destination was Olympique Marseille in France. And here, Tavares showed his growth. As soon as he transferred, he was dropped as a starting player and has scored 6 goals in 32 matches, including cup competitions. It is used as a side midfielder in the back 3 and is a result of his attacking ability being maximized more than at Arsenal.

Not only his scoring ability, but also his performance improved. Based on the soccer statistics media ‘Who Scored’, Tavares has the 4th highest rating in the team, 6.96, and tackles are also ranked 2nd in the team, with 1.8 per game.

High praises from Marseille coach Igor Tudor poured into Tavares. According to European football transfer expert Fabricio Romano, “Tavares is still a young player, but he has fantastic physical abilities. He has great sprint quality.”

He added: “Tavares can also play for Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City. He still needs to grow, but we talk a lot about him.”

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