Incheon National University, on the rise, laughed in the first round of ‘Group of Death’

 In the first game of ‘Group of Death’, Incheon University laughed.

In the first match of the 59th Spring College Football League against Kimcheon University held at Pyeonglim Stadium 7 in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 11th, Incheon University won 2-0 with Kang Min-seong scoring consecutive goals. 카지노사이트

Incheon University, along with Ajou University, Soongsil University, and Gimcheon University, were tied to Article 17. This tournament is known as the ‘group of death’. Ajou University won the championship at the Chugye University Football Federation last year. Kim Cheondae finished runner-up in the U-League Wangjungwang Match last year. Soongsil University has consistently maintained its top spot for the past few years.

The one who laughed at the first edition was Incheon University. Incheon University defeated Kimcheon University 2-0 and took the victory. Last month, the freshman and sophomore college football tournament championships continued. In the very-soongsil confrontation held on the other side, the superiority and inferiority could not be distinguished. It ended 0-0.

On the other hand, on the first day of Tongyeonggi, Halla, Hannam, Seonmun, Catholic Kwandong, Gwangju, Jeonju, Gyeonggi, Yonsei, Donga, Gyeongil, Suseong, Full Gospel Assembly, Jeonnam Science, and Segyeong University took the victory.

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