In the end, the South African government with a white flag canceled the 64.7 billion won sponsorship contract with Tottenham

In the end, South Africa’s sponsorship of Tottenham became nonexistent.

The Tottenham sponsorship contract promoted by the South African Tourism Board was scrapped after fierce opposition. Tottenham lost the opportunity to earn 42.5 million pounds (about 64.7 billion won).

Recently, it was reported locally that the South African Tourism Board would sign a sponsorship contract with Tottenham. While the two sides are discussing, this issue was known in advance through media reports. 토토사이트

It is known that the contents included advertisements for exposure of uniforms, advertisements in stadiums, game day advertisements, insertion of background images for interviews, and use of training camps in South Africa. In return, the South African Tourism Board decided to pay Tottenham a total of £42.5 million over three years.

However, when this fact became known, there was an uproar in South Africa. It was difficult to make a living due to the high unemployment rate, frequent power outages, and water shortages.

The South African Tourism Board acknowledged the fact that it was the first negotiation and explained that it was helpful in terms of business. But soon the white flag surrendered. British media BBC reported that at a tourism board meeting held after the controversy, Chairman Thandi Mahambellara said, “This contract is over here,” and it was without sponsorship.

“The reason for the cancellation of the contract is that everything went wrong with the transaction itself. There must be an immediate investigation into this matter,” added Mahambellara.

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