“I’m exhausted, my team rather than the national team”, “It’s an honor to represent Korea”… Kim Min-jae and Lee Kang-in, a word with a big temperature difference

The Korean national team met Uruguay again after 4 months, but failed to take revenge. The national team lost 1-2 in an evaluation match against Uruguay held at the Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul on the 28th. On the 24th, the national team, which ended in a draw against Colombia in the debut match of new head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, promised the next victory with its first victory. Although they lost unfortunately, the hot Klinsmann style ‘attack football’ thrilled the fans. It raised expectations for Korean soccer. 카지노

However, the ground of the soccer board was more shaken due to the ‘bomb remark’ that came out after the game in the national team. It is because ‘monster defender’ Kim Min-jae (27), who played for Napoli in Italy’s Serie A and became a world-class defender, threw a ‘bomb remark’ with a hint of retirement or refusal to be selected for the national team in mind. I want to focus on my team rather than the national team. 

In an interview in the joint coverage area (Mixed Zone) after the evaluation match against Uruguay, Kim Min-jae expressed regret over the team’s defensive organization, saying, “It was a game we had to win, but it’s a shame we couldn’t win.” Later, when asked by reporters, “It looks difficult,” he said with determination, “I’m just having a hard time right now and I’m in a state of mental collapse.”

In response to Kim Min-jae’s sudden remark, I asked, ‘Is it because of the transfer rumor that you are mentally difficult?’ I just want to focus on my team rather than the national team,” he said. When asked if he was coordinated with the Football Association, he sighed and said, “I cannot say that it has been coordinated. (With the association) I was having a conversation… but I will do this much,” and then he left the Mixed Zone. 

The interview with ‘Golden Left Foot’ Lee Kang-in (Mallorca), which took place at the same time and in the same space, is quite different. Lee Kang-in, who performed well throughout the game, united with pride for his national team. Lee Kang-in said, “It was an honor to be able to represent Korea. He showed good performance, but it seems that the result (1-2 loss) left some regrets.” “Coach Klinsman seems to like very aggressive football. To that extent, he said, “I am sorry that the players tried to do their best, but could not bring results. He will become a better player in the future and he will try to show a good image as a representative of Korea.” 

Of course, it could be that Kim Min-jae made an impulsive remark because his mentality was shaken for a while. This is because even on the 27th, the day before, Kim Min-jae showed his pride for his national team. He appeared alongside coach Klinsman at a press conference before Uruguay. On the spot, Kim Min-jae said, “My goal is to come to the national team without injury and play an active part. If you have an injury or cannot maintain your skills, you will not be given a chance in the national team, so it is important to maintain well. I want to play until the end,” he said, strongly expressing his affection for the national team. In this situation, it is regrettable that his remarks changed in one day. In particular, compared to the expectation that many soccer fans called Kim Min-jae ‘the next captain’, the disappointment is great. 

Kim Min-jae’s remarks suggesting retirement from the national team are interpreted as a statement that he wants to focus more on his team at the point ahead of the championship competition at the end of the season. Also, the European Football Federation Champions League (UCL) is more important than ever in his career as Napoli advanced to the quarterfinals. As such, rather than leading to his actual retirement, there is a possibility that a plan to temporarily exclude him from the list of future national team evaluation matches will be reviewed. While football fans are in shock, it is time for Kim Min-jae to announce his stance again in a situation where the Football Association is also sparing its words. Kim Min-jae, who debuted in A-match in August 2017, played in 49 A-matches until Uruguay.

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