“I only hit the ball” Legend occasionally woke up KKKK Geelongman 

 “I’m in a hurry to chase the ball”.

KIA Tigers infielder Kim Kyu-seong (26) is striking a strikingly different bat at the second spring camp in Okinawa. He returned from playing in the Australian League as a member of Geelong Korea and is currently playing a hot bat. 

In the Okinawan practice game against Samsung on the 1st, he hit a 1-run double and even hit a 3-run home run, making a surprise show. And in the match against Lotte on the 3rd, he led the team to an 8-0 victory with two RBI doubles in the second inning and a right-handed hit in the fourth. 

He collected multiple hits and 5 RBIs in 2 consecutive games. He showed stable defensive power even as a second baseman following shortstop. It can be seen that his real sense of playing in Geelong is alive. He appealed with a blow he hadn’t shown before. 

Responding to a post-game interview, Kim Gyu-seong said, “I pay attention to timing at bat. That seems to be continuing with good results. The home run against Samsung was a two-strike situation. I tried to hit the ball somehow, thinking I would hit a hit rather than a home run, but I didn’t know it would go over. ” he laughed. 

Changes occurred during the off-season. He got a clue while playing for Geelong Korea. After joining in 2016, he chose to go to Australia with a sense of desperation that he had nothing to show for himself. He explained the reason, “I went because I wanted to do well. I kept seeing bad and bad things. I was a little desperate.” 

In Australia, it was a time of growth in many ways. “In Australia, I practiced my own routine and practiced consistently, so I showed a good figure. I played a lot in Australia and the feeling of hitting was maintained. The body is hard, but the feeling of hitting is the best,” he said.  토토사이트

In particular, he expressed his gratitude to Geelong Korea coach Lee Byeong-gyu (current Samsung head coach). The sharp advice became an opportunity for change. When he goes to bat, he doesn’t have a clear target and is busy chasing the ball. It was vivid advice from a 2000-hit legend. 

Kim Gyu-seong said, “I started in Australia’s first game, but I only struck out four. The next day, I asked the coach how he was. ‘I’m not confident at bat. It was. I realized from those words,” he said. 

Kim Kyu-seong is a backup agent for second baseman and shortstop. However, if he shows batting competitiveness, he can compete for the starting position as well. Kim Gyu-seong promised, “I will work hard without being conceited. If there is an opportunity, I can become the main player. Otherwise, I will do my backup duty faithfully.”

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