‘I couldn’t even play a game… ‘ Odorizzi is out for the season in the first year of transfer

Texas Rangers Jake Odorizzi (33) will spend his first season in rehab.

According to MLB.com on the 8th (Korean time), Texas general manager Chris Young said, “Odorizzi underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder. He will not be able to return this season.”

Odoriji did not pitch in this exhibition game because of fatigue in his arm. However, it was not an injury he could overcome with rest and rehab.스포츠토토

He ended up on the operating table and was confirmed to be out for the season.

It’s lightning-fast news for Texas.

The Texas Rangers acquired veteran pitcher Odorizzi through a trade with the Atlanta Braves in November of last year, while giving up left-hander Colby Allard.

General Manager Young said, “Odorizzi is an experienced player, and we expected him to digest meaningful innings this season as an important resource, whether as a starter or as a bullpen.” , I’m expecting that from Cole Lagans.”

Odoriji, who jumped into the big leagues in 2012, appeared in 241 games and posted an average ERA of 3.99 with 74 wins, 69 losses and 1 save.

Odoridge signed a three-year, $29.5 million contract with the Houston Astros ahead of the 2021 season. After that, he went through Atlanta and Texas, and this year is the last season of his contract.

However, as he spent this year only in rehabilitation, chances are high that he will leave the team without ever standing on the Texas mound.

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