“I am the last” KGC Byun Jun-hyung and SK Kim Seon-hyung’s Champion

Anyang KGC and Seoul SK face each other in the championship match for the second consecutive season (Best of 7). The two teams will play the first match at Anyang Gymnasium on the 25th. KGC, which has been on the stage of the championship game for three consecutive seasons, is determined to regain the championship trophy given to SK last year. SK wants to win a 4th star in its career by becoming champion for 2 consecutive seasons.

In the playoff (PO) stage including the championship game, it is much easier to solve the game when a surprise star appears. KGC Byun Jun-hyung (27·185 cm) and SK Kim Seon-hyung (35·187 cm) also hoped that so-called ‘crazy’ players would emerge in this championship match.스포츠토토

It was Kim Sun-hyeong who first answered the question about this at the media day of the championship match on the 23rd. He said, “I think our team mannequins No. 1 and No. 2, Oh Jae-hyun and Choi Won-hyuk, will do well. And Choi Seong-won, mannequin number 3, will also explode. I, the mannequin number 4, will be responsible for the last one,” he laughed.

The reason Kim Sun-hyung likened his teammates to mannequins stems from Changwon LG Lee Kwan-hee expressing his SK defenders as mannequins prior to the playoffs (PO). The mannequins pointed out by Lee Kwan-hee played a big role in the PO of the quarterfinals with LG, helping SK to advance to the championship game with 3 wins.

Byun Jun-hyung, who heard this, said, “First of all, I think Abando, a lens that is strong against SK, will do well. And Bae Byeong-jun and Jeong Jun-won, who performed well in Goyang Carrot and PO in the semifinals, will do well. I will take the last point,” he said. Just as Kim Seon-hyung picked himself as the player who will ‘break at the end’, Byun Jun-hyung also said that he would do the last 4 wins to become the champion.

If Kim Seon-hyung frozen the era of the offensive guard, the player who inherited the baton is Byun Jun-hyung. They have similar strong tendencies to attack, but their play styles are different. If Kim Sun-hyeong puts speed and splendid steps at the forefront, Byun Jun-hyung excels in the ability to circumvent the opponent’s defense with his unique rhythm, timing, and athletic ability. So, in this championship match, the confrontation between Kim Seon-hyung and Byun Jun-hyung, the field commanders of the two teams, draws attention. I wonder which of the two guards will be able to score points to become the champion.

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