Hyundai E&C puts out urgent fire “Montaño as an alternative”… Heungkukjeon is only for domestic players

Professional volleyball Hyundai E&C recruited a new foreign player, Ivone Montaño (28, registered name Montaño), as a replacement. The decision comes after Yasmin Bedardt has been sidelined for a long time due to a back injury.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction said on the 6th, “We have recruited Montaño, who is active in the Turkish league, in place of Yasmin, who has been absent for a long time due to a back injury.” The club explained, “Montaño, from Colombia’s national team, was the top scorer for two consecutive seasons in the Swiss league in the past.” .

Montaño is a 188 cm tall Apogee Spiker and played an active role as the team’s main gun in Muratpasa Belediyesi, Turkey’s second division, until just before the transfer. Hyundai E&C expected that “Montaño is a player who has played in the Turkish league until recently, and can be immediately put into action.”

Montaño concluded the contract with Hyundai E&C on the same day. He will be put into the game immediately after issuing an international transfer agreement (ITC) and going through the player registration process, but will not be able to play in the match against Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 7th.

Montaño expressed his aspirations through the club, saying, “I am excited to play in Korea, where I have wanted to play,” and “I plan to pour all my abilities into helping Hyundai E&C, the No. 1 team, win the championship.”

Existing foreign player Yasmin will remain at Hyundai E&C and continue her rehabilitation. Hyundai E&C said, “We plan to spare no support for Yasmin, who is undergoing long-term treatment for a back injury, so that she can take full responsibility for her treatment and recover in good health.”

Depending on Montaño’s performance and the degree of Yasmin’s rehabilitation, it seems that Yasmin’s rejoining will be decided in the future. According to the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) regulations, foreign player replacement is divided into ‘replacement player’, which is a complete replacement, and ‘substitute player’, which is temporarily recruited for reasons such as injury. can do. If the medical certificate period expires within 2 months from the date of issuance of the medical certificate of the existing injured player, the club can select a replacement player or an existing player to participate, and this is regarded as one replacement of a foreign player. 스포츠토토

For Hyundai E&C, the urgent fire was put out. As Yasmin took a long-term absence from the Pepper Savings Bank match on December 18 last year, Hyundai E&C has played the season only with domestic players. Hyundai E&C, which had been dominating with 15 consecutive wins at the opening, recorded 7 wins and 4 losses in 11 games after Yasmin’s absence. Considering the influence of foreign players in the V-League, it was a compliant performance, but as of the 6th, Heungkuk Life Insurance in second place was allowed to pursue a three-point gap. Hyundai E&C, which has missed the championship twice in the past three years due to Corona 19, is bound to feel a sense of crisis.

In the midst of this, Hyundai Engineering & Construction will call Heungkuk Life Insurance, second place, home on the 7th to face off in the 5th round. Both teams started the first game of the 5th round pleasantly, insulting GS Caltex and KGC Ginseng Corporation, respectively. For Heungkuk Life Insurance, this season could be the last match against ‘Hyundai E&C without foreigners’. If they do not catch this game, there is a high possibility that the regular league 1st place will be farther away. On the other hand, Hyundai Engineering & Construction has to widen the gap with Heungkuk Life Insurance, which is no different from ‘two foreigners’ with only domestic players, to prepare for the remaining regular league and championship matches.

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