Hwang Jeong-mi “Sophisticated short game, like putting, you need to build a wrist angle”

“The most common mistake amateurs make in short games is pressing their wrists at address. Because it is in a cocked state, the swing is rather uncomfortable.”

Hwang Jung-mi, who won her first career Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour title at the KG Edaily Ladies Open last year, recalled her win as a victory in her short game. In the final round, she started with the lead, and her shots faltered until the 9th hole in the first half due to tension, but thanks to her short game, the gap between the lead and the number of strokes did not widen significantly. Hwang Jung-mi, who found stability in the second hole, took two birdies in the last hole and led the game to overtime, and she finished the victory with a birdie in overtime. Her hard work on her short game and putts all winter made the difference between her first win and victory.

Hwang Jung-mi paid attention to the wrist as a tip for an elaborate short game. She said, Hwang Jeong-mi said, “Unless she shoots a lob shot with a big float, when she grabs the grip after address, her wrist and body become one body and she swings the approach shot. She’s angling her wrists as if she were putting. Then she can swing with no cocking, which allows for more precise contact,” she explains. 바카라사이트

He added, “If you’re nervous, the routine gets longer and your wrist goes down, making mistakes.” He added, “If the address goes down, you have to forcibly match the swing timing, but in the opposite case, the natural swing comes from the whole body, so the chance of making a mistake is reduced.” .

He also explained how to make a short distance chip shot on the edge, which is the most difficult for amateurs. Usually, amateurs tend to make their backswing short and their downswing fast because they think they need to drop it a short distance. Regarding this, Hwang Jung-mi said, “These are mistakes made when hitting in a hurry because there is no room for the backswing. If the size of the backswing and downswing are the same, the distance goes farther, so the ball lands a short distance only when it is cut off.

Hwang Jung-mi said that he practices short game landing the most. It is a practice to place cones at 1m intervals from 3m to 8m and drop them point by point.

“Landing exercises like this will help a lot. Also, before chipping, it’s good to practice swinging three times while hitting the ground as if you were hitting a real ball, and then swing it as is as practice,” he added. This is because you have to feel the same resistance of the grass on the edge or rough to be effective in actual shots.

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