‘Hwang Eui-jo + Ilyuchenko duo’ appeared in the second lowest scoring team… Will FC Seoul ’empty’ disappear?

The final score of FC Seoul in the 2022 season was 11 wins, 13 draws, 14 losses, and 46 points, the same as Daegu, but with multiple points (Seoul 43/Daegu 52), it took 9th place. 

Suwon Samsung (44 points), who fell to the promotion playoffs, fought a bloody competition to remain until the final round of the final round, and won the Suwon FC expedition and confirmed their retention on their own. 

Although they barely survived, Seoul’s biggest problem was their ability to score. The top scorer in the team was Na Sang-ho with 8 goals, and Ilyuchenko, who joined in the summer, scored 7 goals, but no player scored double digits. 

Seoul tried to dominate the game by securing a share of the so-called ‘Iksu Ball’ and actively managing the game. 

Seoul succeeded in staying while watching the last-minute effect of the 2021 season, when coach Ahn Ik-soo took over as a firefighter, but the situation was different in the 2022 season. 

The tactical perfection was good. According to the 2022 K-League Technical Report, Seoul was the team with the highest share (61.9%) in the K-League last season, and at the same time, the intensity of pressure (PPDA) was 8.18, which was also the best in the K-League 1. It was a higher number than the previous season (10.78). 

However, unlike the 2021 season, the 2022 season went down deep after having a back 3 as other teams figured out Seoul’s pattern. The score of Seoul, which could not solve the dense defense, was low. Last season, the expected score was 50.8 goals, but in reality, only 43 goals were scored.  스포츠토토

Maybe that’s why Seoul’s team score was the lowest in K-League 1 after Seongnam (37 goals), the lowest. Considering that Suwon Samsung (44 goals) and Kim Cheon (45 goals), who had problems in the front line like Seoul, fell to the promotion playoffs, it was a narrow gap. 

Seoul is looking forward to a new offensive power in the new 2023 season. Ilyuchenko is in Seoul until this season, and Hwang Ui-jo is with us until the first half. 

As Hwang Eui-jo, who played an active part in the European stage, along with Ilyuchenko, who scored double-digit goals while alternately playing with Gustavo in Jeonbuk, joined, Seoul’s forefront has a mighty power comparable to other K-League 1 teams.  

Na Sang-ho said, “He is a very good player, so I believe that he will fill the point that we couldn’t score many goals.” I want to go in and achieve the goal of reaching Final A until the very end,” he said, hoping for a double-digit score. 

Director Ahn Ik-soo said, “I can’t talk about the attack point because I think it will be burdensome,” and “I wonder if he has more thoughts. It takes a lot of effort and I believe that Uijo will play a role in meeting more expectations.”

Then, he said, “I’m looking at the last training (with Il-ryu Chenko) and I’m thinking of various ideas that can produce the greatest effect,” and expected him to play a role in the bowling ball.

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