“How are you going to manage Eui-ri Lee and appoint Dae-in Hwang?” Fans asked, director Kim Jong-kook answered ①

In 1996, Haitai was nominated in the first round. He made his pro debut in a Tigers uniform, and saw the team name change firsthand. He devoted his entire career to the Tigers until his retirement in 2009.

His playing career wasn’t the only one with the Tigers. While he was a leader, he had never been to another team. He only served as a leader at KIA, and rose to the command tower, the pinnacle of the team, ahead of the 2022 season. He is the owner of a truly rare record, having been with one team for nearly 30 years of his professional career. That’s why his attachment to his team is greater. He wants to do better, he wants to lead the team’s emergency.

Coach Kim, who took the KIA baton last year, looked back on the season in 2022 and admitted that there were both good and bad memories. He was sweet, but also bitter. Rather, the bitter taste would have remained stronger. Manager Kim said, “I have a lot of memories of the long losing streak. On the one hand, I also remember the game where the players worked hard and confirmed their advance to the postseason at the end. I think I experienced both good and bad memories.” said it

Like the team’s goal, coach Kim’s goal is to rise to a higher level. It is expected that the management of the team will become more mature as it has reached the second year. Coach Kim, who says, “It’s the same with all other coaches, but I’m preparing while worrying about how to set up the squad,” indirectly communicated with fans about the current situation of the 2023 spring camp squad and the plan for the 2023 season. Fans asked director Kim through the reporter’s SNS and email. Director Kim Jong-guk replied.

Q) As a Tigers one-club man, what if you looked back at Kim Jong-kook as a player, as a coach, and as a manager? What if you could pick out the most intense memories as a player and coach?

Manager Kim Jong-guk: As a player, I remember winning the championship when I debuted as a rookie. Also, I think 2002, when I personally achieved good results, was good, and I think the three best memories until 2009, when I won the championship at the end of my career. The bad part was the injury that kept me out of the game for several years. Athletes should have made a body that can display their skills, but I am not good enough in that area, and I reflect on whether my durability has deteriorated. To be honest, I wasn’t good at coaching. The 2017 win is memorable. It was the year I won because the players were so good, not because I did well.

Q) Last year, out of 10 clubs, the number of lineups used was the least. What are you thinking about? I wonder how you will solve the problem of players’ stamina distribution this year.

Coach Kim Jong-guk: If possible, a fixed lineup will be available, and if there are no injuries, I think it is convenient for the players to prepare according to the batting order and defense and take a routine. he had such thoughts. Even as a player, it was easy to prepare if I said, “You are the number one shortstop.” I think the topic this season is depth. Pitchers and fielders alike try to reduce the difference in skill between players. I pay attention to that aspect in the design of this camp or season. If the results are good, shouldn’t we arrange physical strength? However, players who go to the starting lineup must do basic business trips.

Q) Eui-ri Lee has the potential to participate in the WBC as well as the Asian Games during the season and the Asian Professional Baseball Championship after the season. How do you plan to manage it?

Manager Kim Jong-guk: Last year, Eui-ri Lee was in his second year, but I think he threw a lot of innings. This year, I will show more advanced game management and inning digestion than last year, but I think I will have to adjust it later because it is a fast season start (with WBC). There is such an idea. In my opinion, Lee Eui-ri should be responsible for the level of a second or third starter right now. This will make our team stronger. If there are no injuries or anything like that, they will do it according to the rotation, but they will adjust it. Lee Ui-ri should do well.

Q) I am curious about the plan for the third catcher next to Han Seung-taek and Joo Hyo-sang.
Q) Do you currently have a catcher operation plan?

Coach Kim Jong-guk: In addition to the two players (Han Seung-taek and Joo Hyo-sang), the other players brought to the camp are Kim Seon-woo and Shin Beom-soo, but both players have their own talents. Kim Seon-woo has good defense and contact. Shin Bum-soo is talented at batting, but he has experience with the Futures even though he lacks first-team experience due to his years of experience. Two players should back up 3 or 4 times. Overall, I think defense is number one. I will use the defensive player first. 온라인카지노

Q) Anderson-Medina, how did you view the two foreign players?

Coach Kim Jong-guk: What we want from foreign players is a strong one-two punch. There must be definite advantages. He also threw well at Nolin and Panoni, but he saw it as a style that could easily be attacked by opposing teams in big games, especially in the postseason. So he asked for a new pitcher, but he has stable control and a reliable pitch. If he adapts well to Korean hitters, he is considered a player who can handle 150 to 160 innings each assuming that there are no big variables.

Q) How do you view new pitchers such as Song Hoo-seop and Lee Tae-gyu?

Coach Kim Jong-guk: Hoo-seop Song came up and threw during the season (to the 1st team), and Tae-gyu Lee was building his body with the Futures after being discharged from the army. I saw him pitching during the fall finish camp. Both players have great potential and have good pitches. I expect that these players will be able to show a more advanced image if they bring the spring camp experience. Since he is still young, if he continues not only in the first team spring camp but also in the Futures, he will create values ​​that can be used not only this year but also next year. For the two players, it seems that the Okinawa practice game and demonstration game will be important.

Q) Hwang Dae-in, who experienced the full-time season for the first time last year, was unable to maintain his early season performance due to physical problems. There may be physical problems this year as well. Will you continue to use Hwang Dae-in as the starting pitcher even if his performance drops?
Q) Who are the next players on standby after Hwang Dae-in?

Manager Kim Jong-guk: (Infield) The left and right corners should be viewed as a competitive system. 1 lunar and 3 lunar are all the same. First of all, Hwang Dae-in had a career high season last year. If there are no major injuries, we will give him a chance first, but if Byeon Woo-hyuk and Kim Seok-hwan show good performances and Hwang Dae-in is sluggish, we can change them later. It was Hwang Dae-in’s first full-time season, so his experience may have been lacking. I am looking forward to showing my ability this year.

Q) I am curious about the current status of Jang Hyun-sik and Park Jun-pyo.

Director Kim Jong-guk: Jang Hyeon-shik is doing ITP (phased pitching program) after elbow surgery. The bullpen is scheduled for mid-month, but the pace is fast. (After the rehabilitation is completed to some extent) I plan to go to Okinawa and have bullpen pitching in a warm place. Park Jun-pyo is also pitching for the Futures. I plan to join them during Okinawa or exhibition games.

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