‘Housekeeper’ Moon Jeong-won and Bae Yoo-na remain stranded in road construction…Only Jeon Sae-yan remains

Moon Jeong-won (Korea Expressway Corporation) is expected to remain on the team.

The Korea Expressway Corporation had a miraculous season. Korea Expressway Corporation, which advanced to the playoffs (PO) in third place, defeated Hyundai E&C to advance to the championship match.

The road construction was dragged away by giving both the first and second games to Heungkuk Life Insurance, the’number one’. The team that won the second game had a 100% chance of winning the championship. But the road construction worked miracles. Highway Corporation, which won the 3rd and 4th games, defeated Heungkuk Life Insurance at the end of a close battle from the 5th game in Incheon to a full set and won the second championship in total.스포츠토토

However, the sweetness of winning was short-lived, and the Korea Expressway Corporation began to worry about holding on to free agency (FA). Five main resources were eligible for free agency, including the ace “Clutch Park” Park Jeong-ah (30), Bae Yoo-na (33), Jeong Dae-young (42), Moon Jeong-won (31), and Jeon Sae-yan (26).\

It is best to capture all the players who have worked hard to win, but the situation was not easy. Moreover, as the drama-like story even added a ‘winning premium’, the road construction’s concerns deepened.

In the end, Park Jung-ah and Jung Dae-young moved teams. Park Jeong-ah signed a 3-year contract with Pepper Savings Bank with the highest treatment in Korea for a total annual salary of 775 million won (475 million won in annual salary, 300 million won in options), and Dae-young Jeong signed a 300 million won (250 million won annual salary, 50 million won in options). ) signed a one-year contract with GS Caltex.

Along with Park Jung-ah, Bae Yoo-na, one of the biggest FA players, has agreed to renew the contract. Here, Moon Jeong-won also caught the strand by remaining. It is unfortunate that Park Jung-ah and Jung Dae-young left, but they minimized the gap by holding on to Bae Yoo-na and Moon Jeong-won, who are the center of middle blockers and outside heaters.

Now, as the positions of four of the free agency candidates have been decided to some extent, only Jeon Sae-yan’s position remains. The Korea Expressway Corporation is expected to fill the gap through compensation players and Asian quotas.

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