‘Horned’ Levi, only cut Stellini… A plate to fly 144.6 billion won

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has sacked acting manager Christian Stellini in an unusual statement.

“It was devastating. I couldn’t watch the game,” said Levy after Tottenham beat Newcastle United 1-6.

It is very unusual for a team to react furiously after losing a game and immediately cut the command tower.

Then why did Levy react nervously and sack Stellini?

Because of money.

Tottenham are competing for 4th place in the league. Only then can they remain in the European Champions League.

However, losing to Newcastle made it virtually impossible to enter the fourth place. You might not be able to finish 6th, let alone 4th, and fall to 7th.메이저놀이터

If that happens, Tottenham will lose 144.6 billion won. The astronomical money he received for playing in the Champions League this season will not receive a single penny next season.

There may be a situation where you can’t participate in the Champions League, the Europa League and the Conference League.

President Levy runs the club with a business mindset.

He can’t help but be sensitive to monetary damages.

Attention is focusing on whether Tottenham can succeed in miraculously entering the 4th place in the remaining 6 games under the Ryan Mason system.

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