HL Anyang, 1 win left to win Asian League ice hockey championship in 6 years

Enjoying victory while high-fiving fans who defeated the Yokohama Grits 5-2

Reported a thrilling come-from-behind victory in front of fans who visited the site for the final home game of the regular season.

HL Anyang took the lead in the 2022-2023 Asian League ice hockey regular league and came close to winning the league for the first time in six years.

HL Anyang, led by coach Baek Ji-sun, defeated the Yokohama Grits (Japan) 5-2 in the regular season round 38 home game (Anyang Ice Rink) held on the 26th. HL Anyang, which defeated the Grits 6-1 the previous day, is currently leading the league with 30 wins and 8 losses (0.789 win rate).

HL Anyang got off to a shaky start, allowing Grits to take the lead 27 seconds into the game. HL Anyang made a mistake in handling the puck in the offensive zone, and Grits’ Alex Lauter didn’t miss an easy opportunity. Cold water was poured on the fans in a situation where they could not even enter.

HL Anyang, who entered the second period with a goal behind, came back to life with veteran Kim Ki-seong (forward)’s equalizer. He fired a surprise shot near the blue line at 14:10 in the second period, and the puck flowed between the legs of Grits’ goalie, who was obscured from view.

HL Anyang drove the momentum and in about 4 minutes, Song Jong-Hoon, Kim Gun-Woo, and Lee Joo-Hyung (Lee Sang-Il Forward) worked together to score a come-from-behind goal. Lee Joo-hyung, who received a one-touch pass from Song Jong-hoon and Kim Gun-woo, finished it neatly. In about 50 seconds, HL Anyang, which gained momentum, Kim Sang-wook (forward) shook the net once again. Fans went wild with the slogan, “Oh shout out for HL victory.”

HL Anyang allowed one more goal in the third period, leading to a close game. In fact, Gritz became more aggressive and pulled the reins of the chase.

It was Lee Jong-min’s key goal that changed the atmosphere. In the counterattack situation, Lee Jong-min widened the score with a calm shot following a splendid individual skill. 토토사이트

With two minutes left until the end of the game, Grits scored the winning goal with an empty net play, including the goalie. However, HL Anyang’s captain Park Jin-gyu (forward) pushed the goal into the empty goal post in a counterattack play that unfolded quickly, putting a wedge in the game.

This day was HL Anyang’s last regular league home game. As such, fans gathered from all over the place. One ticket agent said, “I think there were 100 to 200 more spectators than the previous game.” HL Anyang provided joy to the fans by operating a booth to make cheering pickets and providing time to take pictures with cheerleaders. After the game, there was also a special event where players and fans exchanged high-fives and greeted each other.

Lee Kang-hee (39), who visited the stadium with her husband and two children in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, said, “Today is our 12th wedding anniversary, but they said it was our last home game, so we canceled dinner and came to see it.” “The two children also play ice hockey. I have been looking for the stadium often since last year.”

Jang Eun-sol (10), who came from Hanam, Gyeonggi-do with her parents and peers, held a cheering placard for Ji Hyo-seok that she made and said, “Ice hockey is so much fun that I want to see it every day.” I laughed out loud.

On the 5th and 6th of next month, HL Anyang will finish the regular season with 5th place Tohoku Free Blaze (9-28) in Hachinohe, Japan with 2 away matches.

HL Anyang is aiming for the top spot in the regular league for the first time in six years since 2017. In particular, Japan’s Red Eagles Hokkaido, which competed fiercely for the first place, were defeated 1-2 by the Free Blaze on the same day, and HL Anyang can claim the Asian League Ice Hockey regular league title with only one win in the remaining two games.

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