Hardened women’s basketball quarterfinals… All that remains is the battle for second place

 Reporter Seo Jang-won = The outline of the women’s professional basketball playoff team has been revealed. Asan Woori Bank, who placed first, is likely to win the regular league, the battle for second place for the remainder of the season is expected to be fierce.

As of the 8th, the women’s professional basketball quarterfinals are formed by Woori Bank, Busan BNK Some, Yongin Samsung Life Insurance, and Incheon Shinhan Bank. Barring any surprises, these four teams have a good chance of advancing to the playoffs.

5th place Cheongju KB Stars, which gained momentum with Park Ji-soo’s return, once ran 5 consecutive wins and threatened the 4th place, but the recent rise was dampened as Park Ji-soo was out for the season due to an injury. I lost 2 in a row, and I was away from the fight for 4th place.

Leading Woori Bank (19 wins and 4 losses) remains with the winning magic number ‘2’. With 7 games remaining, the gap with 2nd place BNK is 5.5 games, so it is expected that they will easily lift the regular league championship trophy. At the earliest, the winner can be confirmed within this week.

The battle for second place between the three teams in Woori Bank’s solo run is the biggest point to watch for the rest of the season. 2nd place BNK (13 wins and 9 losses) and joint 3rd place Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and Incheon Shinhan Bank (above 13 wins and 10 losses) are competing for the second place. The gap between the three teams is only half a game. 스포츠토토

Their biting and biting relationships make the rankings fluctuate. Samsung Life, which faced a crisis when key members Kianna Smith and Lee Joo-yeon were out for the season, recently rebounded with a winning streak. As the young players awakened, they succeeded in winning two in a row after losing four in a row. In particular, defeating the leader Woori Bank on the 2nd was a turning point.

The recent atmosphere at Shinhan Bank is also fierce. After winning the match against Woori Bank on the 30th of last month, they beat BNK and Bucheon Hanawon Q and ran for 3 consecutive wins. In the 6 matches played in the second half, they recorded 5 wins and 1 loss. He emerged as a dark horse in the second half, showing his potential not to be outdone even in matches with top teams.

BNK, which needs to secure second place, has a busy road to go. On the 3rd, when Shinhan Bank caught up, the winning streak ended, and the teams in the tie for 3rd place faced fierce pursuit. A win is desperately needed to keep the second place, but the next opponent is Samsung Life Insurance. The biggest advantage of BNK is that there are no injured players, so the main players need to work hard.

Currently, BNK has 8 games left, Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank have 7 games left. Rankings can now change depending on the results of each match. It is difficult to predict which of the three teams will occupy the second place. For the three teams, all remaining matches are contests.

BNK, which is trying to keep the second place, and Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank, which are aiming for an upset, are adding interest at the end of the regular season.

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