Hanbi Lee and Pepper Savings Bank grow together and laugh together

Women’s professional volleyball Pepper Savings Bank and captain Lee Han-bi (27) grow together.

Lee Han-bi joined Heungkuk Life Insurance in the 3rd place in the 1st round of the 2015-2016 season. He got opportunities in his spare time, but could not rise to full start. He served as a backup outside heater for 6 seasons from the 2020-2021 season.

Last season, he received a special nomination from Pepper Savings Bank for the founding of a new club and was transferred and faced a change. He quickly became a main player. He played in all 31 games the team played, scoring 262 points (30.13% attack success rate) and 29.35% receiving efficiency.

He is in his second season as a full-time starter this year. Although his shoulder is not in good condition, he played the court without missing a game or a set. He scored 350 points (attack success rate 34.67%) and received efficiency 39.84% in a total of 29 games. It is 9th in defense in the league (5.722 per set). In particular, on the 18th, he scored 21 points, the most this season, against Korea Expressway Corporation. On the 7th of last month, Hyundai E&C hit 33.93%, the highest attack share since his debut. He made remarkable progress, although not overwhelming performance. 토토사이트

Pepper Savings Bank is also taking a meaningful step. It was a series of bad news until the middle of this season. With 17 consecutive losses after the opening, he wrote a new record for the most consecutive losses in the opening of the V-League. At the end of November last year, coach Kim Hyung-sil resigned after taking responsibility for poor performance, and Lee Kyung-soo worked as acting manager for the rest of the season.

On December 31, the last day of 2022, he won his first win like a miracle in the road construction match (3-1 win). On the 23rd of last month, they added victories against GS Caltex (3-1 win) and on the 10th against Hyundai Engineering & Construction (3-2 win). On the 18th, the road construction match (3-2 win) finally completed the season 4 wins (25 losses, 11 points). It is the most wins in one season since the team was founded. Last season, when they debuted in the V-League, they recorded 3 wins and 28 losses, with only 11 points.

We are advancing step by step. The next step is the first ‘streak’. On the 21st, they will face off against KGC Ginseng Corporation at their home in Gwangju. Attention is drawn to Lee Han-bi and Pepper Savings Bank.

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