Fighting for 2nd place, brothers, guards, and foreigners’ pride showdown

As the fight for second place in professional basketball becomes more intense, the head-to-head confrontation between the command towers of both teams during the Lunar New Year holiday is attracting attention.

Changwon LG and Ulsan Hyundai Mobis will face off in the 4th round of the 2022-23 season regular league at Ulsan Dongcheon Gymnasium on the 24th. LG, with a record of 20-12, is second in the league, and Hyundai Mobis, with a record of 19-14, is tied for third with Seoul SK. Hyundai Mobis is closely chasing LG by 1.5 games. Depending on the results of the game on the 24th, the number of rides may be sharply narrowed or widened.

The confrontation between the two teams’ command towers is interesting. LG is led by “older brother” coach Jo Sang-hyun, and Hyundai Mobis is led by “younger brother” coach Jo Dong-hyun. Director Jo Sang-hyun is a twin brother who was born 5 minutes earlier. LG and Hyundai Mobis, who were not considered ‘winners’ until the start of the season, but after the twin brothers took the baton, both teams rose to the top with a terrifying momentum. 메이저놀이터

Although he is the commander of both teams on good terms, he is cool-headed in the face of a game. This is because the game on the 24th is highly likely to be a watershed in the battle for the lead. On the 28th, after the game ends, LG calls Anyang KGC, the league leader, home. As of the 23rd, LG has 2.5 games with KGC. Hyundai Mobis also shows no signs of backing down. After the game on the 24th, Hyundai Mobis will face Seoul Samsung, the lowest place. It is an important two-game series that will raise the rankings.

The confrontation between the guards of both teams is also eye-catching. LG puts forward Lee Jae-do and Lee Kwan-hee, the leading duo of the league. It is a determination to neutralize Hyundai Mobis’ defense by using two of the best offensive guards in the league. Hyundai Mobis’ members born in 1999, Lee Woo-seok and Seo Myung-jin, are expected to face off against LG’s guards.

There is also a battle for pride among foreign players. Both teams have top-notch players. In LG, Assem Marey, who ranks first in rebounding (12.8) in the league, dominates the bottom of the goal. Marey is also strong against Hyundai Mobis. He is averaging 13 points and 13.7 rebounds in three games. For Hyundai Mobis, Gage Prim (average 18.2 points, 11.1 rebounds), a young foreign forward born in 1999, is the main target.

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