Fanfare on the 21st of ‘Nexen‧Saint Nine Masters’, the gateway to the birth of a female golf star

 ‘Nexen·Saint Nine Masters’ opens at Gaya CC (Country Club) located in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do for three days from the 21st.

The ‘Nexen·Saint Nine Masters’ is called the gateway to the birth of Korean women’s golf stars, because numerous golf stars have been born, including reaching the top of this tournament and advancing to the LPGA Tour. In fact, the 2015 and 2016 winners Ko Jin-young and Park Seong-hyun, as well as last year’s winner Yoo Hae-ran, played a role as a bridgehead in advancing to the LPGA. Here, Park Min-ji, the winner in 2021, won 6 wins that season and was reborn as a top-notch star.

An official from the Nexen Group said, “Through the past nine tournaments, the formula of ‘strong mentality conquers the world’ was born after winning the Nexen/Saint Nine Masters.” ”he said.메이저놀이터

This year, a total of 120 players compete fiercely in this competition, which will be held in three rounds from the 21st to the 23rd, with a total prize money of 800 million won (won prize money of 144 million won). In particular, it was held for the first time in three years, and 23,000 galleries visited the venue, proving that it is the best golf festival in Busan and Gyeongnam.

Accordingly, the Nexen Group prepares various attractions and rich events to welcome golf fans. First of all, the ‘Nexen‧Saint Nine Masters 2023 Screen Golf Competition’, which will be held for Golfzon members until the 30th, has the same fun as experiencing the tournament directly as the actual Gaya CC’s SineoㆍNakdong course is applied to the screen. can feel A total of 10 million won worth of prizes will be presented to the winners of the competition.

In addition, a contest was held in which golf fans directly selected the slogan for the ‘Nexen Saint Nine Masters 2023’ competition, and through Saint Nine’s official SNS (social network service) and Nexen Tire’s Facebook page, various forms of participation such as guessing the winner and certifying the screen golf competition were held. We plan to communicate with fans through events.

At the same time, we will continue to invest and support for the future of golf, looking at the next 10 years. Previously, the Nexen Group selected 9 junior players through documents and interviews and established the ‘Saint Nine Junior Team’. The junior players selected this time will be provided with St. Nine golf balls and supplies, as well as scholarships of up to 10 million won per year depending on their performance in the tournament.

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