Face-to-face tryout held for the first time in 4 years. As expected, it was different when I saw it in person 

The faces of the coaches were serious. Every time I spiked, received, or served, I looked at it with a cold-hearted eye.

The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) has been looking at foreign players for the first time in four years and selecting them.

KOVO started the 2023 KOVO men’s foreign player tryout in Turkey, Istanbul on the 6th (hereinafter Korean time). On the first day of the three-day tryout, the 6th, practice games, body measurements, and medical checks were held.

Of the 40 people who applied, 29 people attended on the first day. In the morning local time, the players divided into groups held a practice game at the Hasan Doan Spore Complexi. Four setters were recruited from Turkey and tossed the ball to the participants. Perhaps it was because of the practice game in the morning, he seemed to be less relaxed, and he often had trouble breathing with the setter he was meeting for the first time, but he did his best to put in spikes and serves. The game was played twice, and after the game, at the request of the coaches, to see the receiving ability of the outside heaters, the opposite spikers put the serve and the outside heaters had time to receive. I also made time to hit open spikes, which I hadn’t seen much during the practice game, so I could see the attack scene in more detail.

Unfortunately, the apogee spiker Jose Masso (26, Cuba, 2m4), who was ranked as the number one preference by many clubs, did not attend. He plans to attend only the practice game held on the morning of the 8th when the draft will be held. Leo Andrić, who was replaced due to an injury while playing for Woori Card last season, applied again this time and finally confirmed his absence. A total of 5 people were confirmed not to attend this tryout.

The evaluation of the coaches who meticulously observed the play of 29 players was not very good. Hu In-jeong, coach of KB Insurance, said, “It’s not easy to find a better player than Viyena,” and Hyundai Capital’s coach Choi Tae-woong said, “The players who were prioritized for being good are not so good. Yosbani looks the best.” It is said that the players who were placed at the top of the priority list through the video were different when they actually saw them.카지노사이트

There were not many players who were judged to be better than the foreign players who played last season. Yosbani (32, Cuba/Italy, 2m1) and Gabriel Candido, who played for OK Financial Group (2018-2019 V-League), Hyundai Capital (2019-2020 V-League), and Korean Air (2020-2021 V-League) (27·Brazil·1m98) stood out the most.

Yosbani, who led Korean Air to a combined victory and chose to go to Korea again after three years, said, “I was so happy to win the championship at Korean Air three years ago. I want to win again.” I’ve touched it. I don’t think it’s unconditional, but because I’m competing with all the players, I want to do better tomorrow and the day after tomorrow to go to Korea.”

On the 7th, the second day of the tryout, a team meeting will be held along with the second practice game.

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