Edmund, excited about ‘joining Seoul’ “Kwanghyeon-Haseong-Junghu, it’s exciting to be a team”

St. Louis Cardinals’ Tommy ‘Hyun-su’ Edman, who is playing for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team, expressed his anticipation for joining the Korean national team.

In this tournament, where he is free to choose his country of origin depending on his parent’s country or place of birth, Edmund, a Korean-American, boarded the Korean national team. Edman, who started spring training at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida, USA, said in an interview on the 13th (local time), “He is very looking forward to the tournament.”

Originally, it was expected that Edmon would join the national team starting from the March practice game held in Osaka, Japan right before the tournament after digesting his team’s training, but Edmon also revealed that he could join the Korean training that takes place earlier.

“It’s definitely going to be a pretty hectic spring training session,” Edman said. I will be spending a few days with the national team (in Seoul) before going to Osaka.”

Edmund also conveyed his anticipation for ‘former teammate’ Kim Gwang-hyun as well as new Korean players to meet. “I’m excited to see ‘KK’ again. He’s been a great teammate for the Cardinals for years,” Edman said. 안전놀이터

He also said, “I talked to Ha-seong Kim a few times when I was playing against San Diego, and I also heard that Ji-man Choi does not play in the WBC.

Edmund mentioned Lee Jung-hoo, “I heard that there are some great players in the KBO. The player who wants to come to the US next year is ‘Lee’.” When asked if he knew that he had the same name as captain Kim Hyun-soo, he said, “Hyun-su Kim? I know. Didn’t you play for the Orioles?”

As Edmund wore the Taegeuk mark, domestic baseball fans’ interest in him increased considerably. Edman said, “I get courage thanks to the interest,” and said, “My grandmother who lives in LA reads a lot of Korean newspapers, and she told me that there were a lot of WBC articles in the newspaper and that I was playing for the national team.” .

He smiled and said, “I have a lot of Korean followers on social media. It’s great. I hope I can continue to build a fan base in Korea.” I’m excited and it’s such an honor. I want to help Korea win.”

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