“doing well.” After laughter… A sleepless night in Sydney of ‘The National Hitter’ 

“There should be plays that can be played during the season.”

Head coach Lee Seung-yeop, who is preparing for the first year at the command tower, boosts the morale of the players by saying, “There are a lot of players” and “They are doing well.”

During training, he first approaches the players, talks to them, and communicates with them. As the ‘Legend’ manager approached actively, the players said, “Thank you for coming to the coach first.”

He prides himself on having the best atmosphere during training, but as a coach, he is not without worries.

Director Lee said honestly, “I don’t come home well at night. Maybe I’m worried. I wake up early. My eyes open at 5:00 in the morning.”

He is the first to be the head coach, but he has seen many teams fall even if they start in a good mood while serving as a commentator as well as his career as a player. He also knows that it will be difficult to go as planned before the season.

Coach Lee explained, “He is thinking about how to enter the season and how to prepare,” and explained, “I am thinking about what to do because I play Cheongbaekjeon and play against Australian All-Stars from the 18th.” 토토사이트

The Cheongbaekjeon, which was held on the 15th, gave a passing score. Coach Lee said, “It’s not an official game, but I really wanted to see the moves. Since it’s the first game, mistakes can happen. I’ve worked hard so far, but it’s hard to see results from the first game. Watching them play, I felt that they were a good team. It was really good,” he praised.

Doosan will face off against Australian All-Stars on the 18th and 19th. Coach Lee said, “We have to play what we can during the season. The coaches are so good at it, so there’s no big problem. We think about when we’re doing well, but when things go wrong, we think about how to go back differently when something goes wrong. have to,” he said.

Coach Lee said, “I haven’t seen anything yet, I’m only thinking about it.” “I don’t exercise, so there’s nothing physically difficult. Still, when reports come up, I’m worried that the players will be injured, and if someone comes and talks to me, I’m surprised.” The first year, we talked about unfamiliar feelings.

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