Disabled Sports Dream Festival, the 17th National Student Sports Festival wraps up…’Happy goodwill competition’

The 17th National Disabled Students Sports Festival, the grand festival of the Korean disabled sports dreamers, ended on the 19th. A fierce battle was held for four days from the 16th.

This year’s Student Sports Festival was held in Ulsan, which successfully completed the 42nd National Paralympic Games last year. A total of 3,479 athletes (1,639 players, 1,840 executives and officials) from 17 cities and provinces nationwide participated in a total of 17 events, and everyone competed in good faith.

The competition was divided into fostering events (5), propagation events (10), demonstration events (1), and exhibition events (1). In the fostering events, Gyeonggi-do won the championship in boccia, swimming, and table tennis. Seoul won the goalball championship, and Chungcheongnam-do won the track and field championship.

As for popular events, Gyeonggi-do stood at the top in six events, including basketball, badminton, rowing (indoor), soccer, floorball, and e-sports. Disc golf was won by Chungcheongnam-do, volleyball by Daejeon, bowling by Gyeongsangnam-do, and weightlifting by Ulsan. In addition, Gyeongsangnam-do won the demonstration event, Sullun, and Jeollabuk-do won the exhibition event, Showdown.

Gyeonggi-do, where the largest number of athletes participated with 526 (239 players, 287 executives and officials), won the most medals with 188 medals (80 gold, 61 silver, 47 bronze). Host Ulsan recorded 108 (33 gold, 34 silver, 41 bronze).

In addition, 2 5 crowns, 1 4 crowns, and 31 triple crowns were born, revealing the future of sports for the disabled in Korea. On the 19th, swimming Kim Jin-heon (14, Yongin Pogok Middle School, Gyeonggi-do) won 5 gold medals, winning the most gold medals along with swimming Yeo Eun-byeol (15, Uijeongbu Hoeryong Middle School, Gyeonggi-do).

During the competition, various programs were held through the ‘Disabled Sports Human Rights Festival’ with Ulsan citizens and students. We have prepared a place where you can easily access sports and human rights for the disabled, such as the OX quiz on the human rights of disabled sports and sports experiences by type of disability.

In particular, elementary and middle school students in Ulsan who participated in the Dream Paralympic Games, which is an education for improving disability awareness through sports, had a beneficial time in breaking down the social prejudice of ‘disability’ while experiencing sports for the disabled, such as wheelchair basketball and badminton, laughing and enjoying themselves for the first time. .

The ‘Policy Participation Group’, which is promoted with the government to strengthen communication with parents of disabled athletes, was operated from this event for the first time in a student sports event.

‘Policy participation groups’ in each city and province, composed of guardians of athletes with disabilities, visited various places at the event to monitor the overall aspects of the event, including the human rights of disabled sports, the movement of athletes, and the convenience of operation. Based on this result, the policy participation group plans to continue activities such as developing sports sites for the disabled and discovering areas for improvement in the future.

During the event, field surveys were also conducted for athletics and e-sports events to classify sports. In athletics, classification observation evaluation was conducted, and in e-sports, three members of the Sports Classification Committee of the Korea Paralympic Committee participated to listen to the opinions of players and officials and discuss plans for developing a classification manual.

The Korean Paralympic Committee plans to establish a classification system for each event that meets international standards by improving the classification system in the future.메이저놀이터

This competition is being evaluated as a ‘safe sporting event without accidents’ as many athletes with disabilities participate. From the preparation process for the competition, ‘safety’ was put first. Joint inspections of facilities such as stadiums by experts and related organizations, and safety training for game operation personnel were conducted, and about 600 volunteers were deployed to 17 stadiums during the event to help make the event a success by guiding visitors and providing convenience.

On the 19th, the last day of the Games, President Jeong Jin-Wan of the Korea Paralympic Games visited Ulsan Metropolitan City Hall and thanked Mayor Kim Doo-gyeom for warmly welcoming the Ulsan Metropolitan City Sports Planning Team and athletes who successfully led the National Paralympic Games last year and the Student Sports Festival this year. handed over a token of appreciation.

Meanwhile, the medal tally, results, and winners of the 17th National Disabled Students Sports Festival can be found on the official website. The next tournament will be held in Mokpo, South Jeolla Province, from May 14 to 17, 2024. raining99@sportsseoul.com

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