Directors Doc Rivers and Mike Malone Named Directors of the Month for January

Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers and Denver Nuggets head coach Mike Malone were named the January coaches.

According to 『』, Rivers and Malone won the Eastern Conference and Western Conference Coach of the Month awards, respectively. Coach of the Month in the Eastern Conference Coach Rivers was named the coach of the month for the first time this season and for the 13th time in his personal career. It is the first time since the last 2020-2021 season that Philadelphia has been coach of the month. Coincidentally, he was also selected as the best monthly manager in January at the time, and he was placed in that category in January this season as well. He became manager of the month three times in January alone 카지노사이트. Philadelphia is 33-17 so far this season, sitting in third place in the conference. Philadelphia played 14 games in January and showed its potential by winning 11 games. Not only did they not lose in a row during the month, but they also won 7 consecutive wins, the second most in the club this season. Philadelphia, which ran 8 consecutive victories at the beginning of the season, made a leap forward with outstanding results in January. In a game played in January, Philadelphia exploded over 120 points in eight games. While Joel Embiid showed off his outstanding performance to the point of being selected as the Player of the Month, other players, led by James Harden, supported him well. Embiid recorded 34.9 points (.549 .421 .861), 10.7 rebounds, 3.2 assists, 1 steal and 1.6 blocks in 33.1 minutes per game in 10 games in January.

Above all, Philadelphia’s defense stands out this season. This season, the average score remains in the middle of the league, but the average conceded point is 110.7 points, which is the fourth lowest in the league. In January, he boasted a lot of goals and scored a lot, so he had a lot of average goals per month, but he maintained a goal loss of +9 or more in 6 out of 11 wins. Manager of the Month in the Western Conference Coach Malone was selected as the manager of the month for the first time this season and the second time in his personal career. He has shown outstanding leadership this season, leading Denver to a conference lead. In the past two seasons, I have not been able to build up my strength due to a series of injuries to key players, but with the return of Jemal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. this season, they are finally being reborn as strong candidates for the championship. Denver is 35-16 on the road this season. Despite the presence of several powerhouses in the West, they are solidifying their place at the top of the conference. In January, in 16 games, he vomited up a whopping 14 victories. During the month, he ran 9 consecutive wins, the club’s most this season. Although he only managed to add one win in four games after losing the streak, he escaped the losing streak in the first game in February. Denver won the MVP over the past two seasons, but has shown great performance, led by Nikola Jokic. Jokic played 11 games in January, averaging 33 minutes, averaging 23.8 points (.673 .565 .887), 11 rebounds, 11 assists and 1.2 steals. It was such a great time that he even managed to rack up an average monthly triple-double. Here, Murray, Porter, and Aaron Gordon showed off their strength with strength.

Denver, which boasts tremendous efficiency on offense, scored 120 or more points in eight games in January alone. In the home game against the Indiana Pacers held on the 21st (Korean time), he scored 134 points, the most of the season. Denver won the road game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on November 24 by scoring 131 points in overtime. However, on this day, he scored more than 130 points even in regular time.

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