Director Jang Seon-hyung, preparing for Lee Sang-baek, “The opponent is strong, but we must not be pushed back”

The women’s collegiate team is doing its best to double the odds.

The women’s college national team, led by head coach Jang Seon-hyeong, will hold a Korea-Japan college selection basketball tournament starting on the 19th. As this is the first tournament to be held in four years, I am practicing to the best of my ability. The women’s college went into camp from the 13th. I had time to camp earlier than the men’s national team, but it’s still not enough time to get my hands and feet together.

That’s why director Jang said, “I started earlier than Namdaebu. (Laughter) I forced myself to hold the training camp for a long time. But it’s hard to get your hands and feet together in a week. Even the players know this. That’s why I try to believe in the advanced beauty of the seniors as much as possible. Team basketball is important, but players must fully demonstrate their skills in it,” he explained the team situation.

He continued, “To be honest, I am worried. There are many evaluations that men have better power than Japan. But we are not. We need to prepare more thoroughly for this competition. Then, next time I go to Japan, I can show a better side of myself.”

“I heard that the Japanese women’s national team is strong. I heard that it is fast and strong. We are also preparing accordingly. In particular, we plan to make it tight by taking advantage of our strengths. He emphasized ‘fast basketball’, saying, “You shouldn’t be pushed in the air.”

Afterwards, when I asked coach Jang about the key players, he said, “(Park) Sung-yi, (Kwon) Na-young and (Kang) Min-ji, who are preparing to become pros in the senior year, have to do it. Seniors need to focus. In addition, (Lee) Nara and (Park) Ji-su should add energy. The other players have to do their part to increase the chance of victory.”메이저놀이터

However, there are parts that are physically difficult. This is because the national team players prepare for the college league and more than a hundred times at the same time. Coach Jeong also said, “Actually, the players are struggling physically. During the season, more than 100 times are prepared on the weekend. It’s a really tough schedule. I am worried, but the players are doing their best with fighting spirit.”

So, what kind of basketball will the women’s collegiate team show? Director Jeong said, “There is not enough time to get your hands together. Even so, we have to save team play. We need to communicate a lot while matching each other. Only then can fast basketball come out,” he said, conveying the team color.

Finally, Director Jeong said, “It is true that it is a difficult situation. People around me tell me that my opponent is stronger. However, it is held in Korea and the players are very determined. I will do my best until the end and play a good game,” he concluded the interview with the determination.

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