Director Bell’s praise in Korean, “I like (Kim) Hyeri… It’s a perfect argument”

Director Colin Bell highly praised Kim Hye-ri.

The Korean women’s soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell, won 5-0 in the second match against the Zambia women’s soccer team, led by coach Bruce Mwafe, in Shinsegae E-Mart’s invitational A-match held at Yongin Mir Stadium from 7:00 pm on the 11th.메이저놀이터

On this day, Kim Hye-ri, the captain and defender of the national team, played an outstanding role. She perfectly commanded the defense in a difficult situation due to Lim Seon-joo’s injury and made a clean sheet. She also contributed to scoring with long passes in counterattack situations and fantastic kicks in set plays. 

In response to STN Sports’ question about Kim Hye-ri after the game, coach Bell said in her unique Korean, “(Kim) Hye-ri. You did well. You always did well. I like captain Hye-ri. I like the player. I like people. Hye-ri Kim was good every day. She has great potential. There is, every game no problem. 100% sideback, center back no problem. He is the perfect captain for the team,” he added with rave reviews. 

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