Decreased restraint → Decreased confidence → Opening the back door, but there is no replacement for KIA finishing 

KIA Tigers finisher Jung Hae-young (22) is hardly recovering. Even so, her commander did not lose faith in her.

Head coach Kim Jong-kook expressed his confidence in Jung Hae-young in a meeting with reporters after the season 5 match against Samsung, which was scheduled to be held at Daegu Lions Park on the 18th, was canceled due to rain.

The situation the day before was a problem. Jeong Hae-young, who took the mound in the bottom of the 9th inning with the team leading 7-3 by 4 points, gave up 3 runs (2 earned) on 2 hits and 1 walk in ⅓ innings and passed the mound to Ji-min Choi. Although he made a defensive mistake in the process of conceding runs, he showed an appearance that was not like a closer. His restraint fell again, and his words and content were not good. Choi Ji-min, who took the mound with 1 out and 2nd base by 1 point, took out Koo Ja-wook and Kang Min-ho, and kept the victory 7-6.

Regarding this, coach Kim Jong-guk said, “(Jeong) Hae-young didn’t have much speed. After being hit by Pirella, the atmosphere got bad. Jimin was raised. Jimin reacted calmly,” he explained.

The victory was defended, but the back side is not clear. The finishing touches are currently in progress. Could you think of an alternative ending? Resources are not green. This is because Jang Hyun-sik and Jeon Sang-hyun, who are called JJJ Pil Seung-jo, are not in good condition recently.카지노사이트

Coach Kim Jong-guk said, “Maybe there is a clear alternative, even experienced players such as (former) Sang-hyun and (Jang) Hyun-shik are not in good condition.” It’s a position where you have to endure. Jimin still lacks experience, so it’s not easy to entrust him with the finishing touches. I think Haeyoung should continue to do it.”

Jung Hae-young is recording 3 wins, 1 loss, 3 saves and an average ERA of 3.77 in 16 games. Blon save twice.

He was the right person to take over the back door this season, but as his velocity declined, so did his confidence.

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